Jim Fusco wins the national Sam Ash Open Mic Night Instagram video contest!

Out of hundreds of applicants, Jim Fusco’s Instagram video of his original song “Halfway There” was chosen as a Top-3 finalist for the Same Ash music stores’ Open Mic Night video contest.

After a week of online voting on Facebook, Jim’s video was voted the winner!

He won a $100 Sam Ash gift card and a featured spot on Sam Ash’s homepage at http://samashmusic.com!

Here’s a screenshot of the posting:

Jim Fusco featured on the Sam Ash homepage.

Jim Fusco featured on the Sam Ash homepage.

The Review Is In: Jim Fusco’s “Those Around Us” is 10/10 Stars!

That’s right, everyone.  According to music blogger Andrea Guy from the Mossip Music Blog, Jim Fusco’s “Those Around Us” LP from 2012 is, “Music to make your ears happy” and gives it 10/10 stars!

“These three and a half minute songs are reminders of how fun music can be…Jim is a versatile songwriter, but even more than that, he’s a versatile and talented musician.”

That’s pretty high praise for Jim’s latest effort- if you haven’t heard the album, now’s your chance!  Read the review on Jim Fusco’s official website by clicking HERE, then navigate over to HERE to buy the album online (via CD or iTunes download).  You’ll be glad you did- just ask Ms. Guy!

Download the FREE “Those Around Us” Bonus Tracks iTunes Album Now!

By Jim Fusco:

Often in an album, it’s tough to realize all of the things happening in the background.  Brian Wilson once famously claimed that if you listen to “Pet Sounds” on headphones in the dark, you’d be able to hear each and every instrument & vocal part.  And he did that album in mono!  Well, I know many of you won’t be listening to my music alone in the dark anytime soon, so I’ve come up with the next best thing:

Tonight, I mixed down many of the tracks from “Those Around Us” (my latest album) and took away the instrument track.  That way, you can hear all of the vocal harmonies…and all of the work I put into them!  I also threw in the backing (music) track to “Look Around”, as it has the an interesting combination of instruments.  I think you’ll really enjoy this 11-track album.

The file is a zip file and the tracks are done in high-quality iTunes AAC format.  And, it’s FREE, so why not download it right now?  I’d love to hear any comments about these special bonus tracks.

You can download this FREE bonus track album here: http://jimfusco.com/TAU-BonusTracks.zip.

Oh, and if you haven’t gotten the real album yet, you can purchase that on CD and on iTunes by clicking here!

“Those Around Us” by Jim Fusco is now available on iTunes & CD!

By Jim Fusco:

Hello everyone to another special edition of the Laptop Sessions music video blog!  I’m happy to officially announce that my new album, “Those Around Us” is now available on iTunes and on CD!  If you’d like the album on CD, you can purchase it on my website at http://jimfusco.com/albums/those-around-us.html.  If you’d prefer to download the album on iTunes, you can get that by clicking here!

“Those Around Us” features twelve new original songs.  I hope you’ll go and check out my website for the full write-up on the new album.  I honestly believe it’s my best effort to date and I’m proud to bring this new album to you.

Jim Fusco's "Those Around Us"

As you see from the album cover above (which looks AMAZING, by the way), I was able to secure Ben Quesnel (at http://bqartstudio.com) to paint the cover for me.  As you may know, Ben painted the “Halfway There” cover.  I couldn’t be happier with the results of both album covers!

On January 13th, 2012, I had a big CD Release Party with my closest friends, family, and co-workers.  Words cannot describe how honored and humbled I was by the great turnout.  The crowd loved the seven new songs I played acoustically for them and everyone had a great time.  I even got to play a special encore cover song of “Two of Us” by the Beatles with my fellow Traveling Acai Berries member, Steve.

I recorded the entire show in multi-track audio and mixed and mastered it for all to hear.  You can listen to the entire CD Release Party concert for free on my website!  That’s right, just go to http://jimfusco.com/albums/those-around-us.html and click on the music player in the middle of the screen.  I’m really happy I had the opportunity to record it with my multi-track recorder because I was able to mix and tweak it after the fact.  I tried to record the show on video, as well.  But, something went wrong with the tape and I was only able to salvage the last song I played, “Good Enough”.  But, I made the most of that short video and put it on YouTube to show (even for just a few minutes) what a good time we all had at the CD Release Party.  I’m presenting that video for you here on the Laptop Sessions music blog, too.

I sincerely hope you’ll go and at least listen to “Those Around Us” on my website and on iTunes.  I know you’ll love the album, especially if you’re a fan of the cover songs I play here on the Laptop Sessions cover songs blog.  I think you’ll notice the influence of the bands I love and the music that inspires me.  As always, I’d love to hear what you think!  Write a comment here on the blog, tweet me @jimfuscomusic, or visit my Facebook page at http://facebook.com/jimfuscomusic!