“Off He Goes” by Pearl Jam – Chords, Tabs, and How to Play

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“Off He Goes”
Pearl Jam

F – Am   F – Am   F – C   F – C

F – C                       F – C                                          Am
…     Know a man…        His face seems pulled and tense…
Am          F – C           F   –   C                 F      C      Am
Like he’s riding on a motorbike… in the strongest winds…
Am    F                     C      F                  C
So I approach with tact… suggest that he should relax…
C    F                  C         G             F
But he’s always moving much too fast…

F                                      Am         F                      Am
Said he’ll see me on the flipside… of this trip he’s taken for a ride.
Am            F – C     F      –     C      F   –   C
He’s been takin’… too much on… off he goes
C           F   –   C     F – C – Am           F            C
with his perfectly… unkept clothes… there he goes…

C       F – C – Am

Am   F                 C         F – C
He’s yet to come back…   but I see his picture…
F – C            F  –  C                      Am      F                 C
Doesn’t look the same up on the rack… We go way back…

C  F                     Am         F                                     Am
I wonder bout his insides… it’s like his thoughts are too big for his size…
Am           F – C      F                     C          F        C
He’s been taken… where?  I don’t know… off he goes
C           F   –   C     F – C – Am       F            C
with his perfectly… unkept hope… there he goes…

C              F          C        F         C
And now I rub my eyes… for he has returned
F – C                F – C                          F     –     C       –      Am
Seems my preconceptions are what should have been burned…
Am  F        C                   F           C
For he still smiles… and he’s still strong…
F              C                             F              C            F  –  C  –  Am
Nothing’s changed but the surrounding bullshit… that has grown…

Am  F             C        F             C
And now he’s home and we’re laughing…
F     –     C           F     –     C                F  –  C  –  Am
Like we always did… my same old… same old friend…

Am     F              C     F               C
Until a quarter to ten… I saw the strain creep in…
C   F            C                      F              C                       F  –  C  –  Am
He seemed distracted and I know just what is going to happen next…

Am      F    –    C         F   –   C
Before his first step… He is off again…

C                    F – C – Am
[F – C] x 4       F – C – Am
[F – C] x 3
F – C (strum; end on C)

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