Jim Fusco Reaches 800,000 YouTube Video Views- Cover songs, music videos, and more.

Around Christmas Day, Jim Fusco (a musician, singer, and songwriter who’s recorded over 220 cover song music videos on YouTube) reached 800,000 total views on his videos!  Jim began posting videos in late 2007 and is now 80% towards his goal of a million total views.  Jim has recorded these cover song music videos in his home studio and prides himself on doing songs in the original key.  But, his solo acoustic renditions give songs new life and a fresh perspective.  Since the start of the Laptop Sessions, Jim Fusco’s goal has been to put an end to bad YouTube cover videos forever!

Jim’s cover song music videos have been featured in many Top 10 Cover Songs lists and at this point, he pretty much holds the title of most cover song music videos ever recorded by one artist!  Join Jim Fusco on his quest to rule the world of cover songs both on http://laptopsessions.com and http://youtube.com on a weekly basis!