Chris Moore reaches 50,000 video views landmark on YouTube!

By Chris Moore:

Well, after weeks of lessening views, I have finally achieved half of a hundred grand views on YouTube.  By “a hundred grand” I of course mean 100,000 (as opposed to 100 grand views; although I’d love for all of my views to be grand…).

And, based on that confusing introduction to this post, you may be starting to see why less people view my videos than Jim’s!!  Seriously, though, I’m very excited to hit the 50,000 view mark on YouTube, as I’ve had my hopes set on 100,000 for a long time.  I think I would start to feel accomplished on YouTube if I were to reach 100 grand.

Then, once I reached that, I would look around and realize how insignificant even that number is.  But, by that time, I’ll be aiming for a million views!

So, as session-a-day rolls onward — ever closer to the new year — I’m more excited than ever to make and break some new records for the Laptop Sessions music video blog…

…and you’ll see another reason if you’ll just read my next post!

Video Blog Milestone: Songwriter Jim Fusco at 50,000 views in record time!

By Jim Fusco:

Yes, that’s right folks- I’m at 50,000 views and counting! It only took about 20 days to get there and it puts me on pace to match my goal of 55,000 by the end of the month. We have plenty of things in store for you in the coming weeks and I truly expect this number to skyrocket in the very near future.

Again, thanks for your support of my videos and ALL of the videos here at!