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Ad Design

Jim’s Ad Design Services are $30 an hour. Click HERE to visit our Contact page and get your custom quote! We assure you, the job will be done quickly and professionally!

If you’ve looked around the rest of the site, you can tell Jim wears many hats…figuratively, of course. But, one of his greatest strengths is working in a confined, precise area while still being effective.

Advertisements are necessary to keep any business afloat. Sure, word-of-mouth is the best form of advertisement for your company. Your customers will ultimately tell their friends and colleagues about the great service you’ve given them. But how do you make people become customers in the first place?

Jim is very aware of a vicious cycle young businesses fall into. You need to advertise because you need to get customers. You need money to advertise. To get money, you need customers! How can you break the cycle?

Newspaper advertisements get your message out to a large audience on a daily basis. However, newspaper ads are getting more expesive. Even in a small market like Wallingford, CT, a 1×2 inch black and white newspaper ad costs $60 a day! And that’s only if you commit to AT LEAST five days of ads! That’s $300 for an ad half the size of a Post-It Note. And in five days, it’s gone.

But, you can make that space work for you! You need to make your ad visible, effective, and say the things you need it to say! Jim can accomplish that in ANY size ad design.

Get your Ad started NOW! Click HERE to visit our Contact page and get your custom quote!