“Let It Ride” (Bachman-Turner Overdrive BTO Cover)

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By Jim Fusco:

Welcome to yet another edition of The Laptop Sessions with, you guessed it, another new band to music video series!  Jeff, Chris, and I have really been turning up the heat on the new bands lately- I’ll be featuring another new one on Friday this week.  And I’ll give you a hint- let’s just say that today’s song is the first in my week of songs that start with “Let It”.  Now, remember, I already did “Let It Be” by the Beatles- that was one of my first ever Laptop Sessions cover songs.  So, we’ll wait until Friday to see what I pull out of my bag of tricks!

Today’s cover song is another one of those, “I was obsessed with it in high school”, tracks alongside last week’s “Temptation Eyes”.   I hope to do more songs from BTO in the future, but I have to be careful to transpose them from heavy electric to acoustic.  This one, I thought, was less about the great electric guitar and more about the great vocals.  I decided to up the passion on the vocals to account for using only an acoustic guitar.

We’re really moving along here on the music video blog- I’ve had a bit more (unexpected) time to work on this stuff, and with the efforts of Jeff and (especially) Chris, we’ll be getting hundreds of new viewers every day.  I can feel it- we’re right on the cusp.  I hope the extra work I did today will push us over the edge.  Either way, you can bet that we’ll keep doing great acoustic rock cover songs and continue to surprise you with new bands all the time!

“These Eyes” (The Guess Who Cover)

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By Jim Fusco:

Well, that was officially a project and a half. If you’re a regular Laptop Sessions Music Video Blog visitor, you probably wondered where the heck we went these past couple of days. Well, our Store was temporarily hacked by those people that send out the annoying “King of Nigeria” newsletters. So, we got tagged for SPAM, which caused our entire lineup of seven music websites to go down. We were locked out.

Of course, we kept our “One Cover Song Video A Day” streak alive on YouTube and are making up for lost time now. Our Google rankings (that we’ve obviously been working so hard for) are slipping or gone, and even some of our link partners have removed our link because they couldn’t find theirs on our site.

Anyway, we need to move away from that. I made changes that will hopefully prevent these kind of attacks from happening again- I especially didn’t need any help from the idiots I used to work with. Of course, we’re going to keep doing database backups of everything on our site just in case. We’ve worked literally thousands of combined hours on these sites and simply cannot afford to lose anything.

So, getting back on track, we have an acoustic cover song tonight from yet another “new” band to the Laptop Sessions: the Guess Who! This is one of their most famous songs, perhaps behind “American Woman” in popularity. “These Eyes” is known for its great muted organ/keyboard sound in the beginning of the song, which I’ve adapted for guitar. I think it came out great!

You may be thinking, “I’ve heard this song somewhere…” Well, if you’ve seen the joyously stupid movie “Superbad”, you might remember “These Eyes” from that scene where the kid, Evan, is forced to sing for all those stoned men. He chooses this song and sings a pretty hilarious version that all the guys seemed to love.

Well, my version, I hope, is much less hilarious. So, I hope you enjoy tonight’s cover song here on the Fusco-Moore Productions Music Video Blog! Hopefully we’ll REALLY see you tomorrow this time and get back to normal fast!