Bob Dylan Discography: 1961 – 1969

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By Chris Moore:

A couple years ago, a friend at work asked me for some information about Bob Dylan and his work in the 1960s. Little did she know I would not only give her son as much verbal information as he required, but I would also type up a brief discography of his albums. I just came across it today, and I figured I would share it with you all!

Bob Dylan Discography

– The Sixties

1961 – January: Moves to New York

1962 – March: Bob Dylan

-Very folky album, mostly comprised of covers. His early original “Song to Woody” (for his hero, Woody Guthrie) is notable.

1963 – May: The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan

-His first big success and one of his true classics! This is the album that made bands like the Beatles stand up and take notice of him.

1964 – January: The Times They Are A-Changin’

-Deep in the heart of his “protest song” era, this topical album solidified his standing with the folk artists of the 1960’s.

August: Another Side of Bob Dylan

-In this album, Dylan’s desire to break away from topical songs and write more personal material—“My Back Pages,” etc.—becomes evident.

1965 – March: Bringing It All Back Home

-Dylan begins to “go electric” with this half acoustic, half electric album.

August: Highway 61 Revisited

-This is where Dylan pulled out all the stops and made a sound that was all his own. Best known for its lead-off song, “Like A Rolling Stone.”

1966 – May: Blonde on Blonde

-Dylan pushes his sound a step further with this album; widely considered to be among the (if not THE) best album of his career.

1967 – December: John Wesley Harding

-Following his motorcycle accident in 1966 and the cancellation of his upcoming tour dates, fans were somewhat thrown by his return to a more folky sound.

1968 –

Records in a basement with the Band; those widely bootlegged takes were later
released as The Basement Tapes

1969 – April: Nashville Skyline

-Making the transformation complete, he released this country rock album with a new version of “Girl of the North Country” (originally from Freewheelin’) as a duet with Johnny Cash.

“Love Minus Zero/No Limit” (Bob Dylan Cover)

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By Chris Moore:

Well, my voice is still pretty much shot, so I did what I thought was logical… record another Dylan tune!

This is one that I’ve been saving for some time, as it’s one of my favorites — Bob Dylan’s “Love Minus Zero/No Limit” off his half-acoustic, half-electric album Bringing It All Back Home. I’ll be recording more off of this album in the future, but even a Dylan fan as devoted as myself hasn’t completely memorized “Bob Dylan’s 115th Dream”…

There’s some big news brewing for some live shows in the not-too-distant future, and as soon as dates are solidified, we’ll post them on the blog. For now, I really hope to see you for dinner at Testa’s in Southington this Saturday evening between 8:30 and 12:30. We’re prepared to play about 80 songs (which I don’t think we’ll get to, but we’re ready all the same!).

A final bit of good news — I hope to break 10,000 views on YouTube by my next post! Thanks again to all who have been watching my videos, both new and old, and I really hope you’ll come see them all — Jim’s, Jeff’s, and mine — at !!

You can look forward to an all-new session from Jeff tomorrow, and I’ll see you next session!