“Will It Grow” by Jakob Dylan – Chords, Lyrics, & How to Play

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“Will It Grow”
Jakob Dylan

Intro:  C#m

C#m                         A         E
I made a promise to not let go;
E              C#m                              B             A
Our tug of war has only made me want you more.
A               B                     E                 A
Steeped in hard luck and doomed to roam;
A               B                       C#m
My love is braver than you know.

My forefathers, they worked this land,
And I was schooled in the tyranny of nature’s plans.
Dressed in thunder, a cloud came round;
A                          B        E                C#m
In the shape of a lion, a hand came down.

A               E         A              E
Damn this valley, damn this cold.
E             B         A        C#m
Takes so long to let me know…
A                   E             A             E
It’s plant and reap and plow and sow,
E                        C#m
But tell me will it grow?

Dig my ditches in the golden sun;
I’d be robbing these trains if I could catch me one.
Sunday, Monday, now Tuesday’s gone…
Got me stone cold sober in a drought so long.

Boarded mansions and ghost filled yards;
There’s a boy in a water tower counting cars.
Steel traps open and empty stalls;
There’s a well-worn saddle, but the horse is gone.

Damn this valley, damn this cold.
Takes so long to let me know…
It’s plant and reap and plow and sow,
But tell me will it grow?

Jet black starlit midnight rolls;
I am down in the garden where I let you go.
Here on the surface, the earth looks round,
But it’s a Godless city of cold flat ground.

Damn this valley, damn this cold.
Takes so long to let me know…
It’s plant and reap and plow and sow,
But tell me will it grow?

C#m  C#m – B – E – B – A
Will it grow?…
A       C#m – B – E – B – A
Will it grow?…
A       C#m – B – E – B – A
Will it grow?…

Outro:  C#m

“One More Cup of Coffee” (Classic Dylan, New Cover!)

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By Chris Moore:

Here’s a simple but great 70’s Dylan song, off the “Desire” album. I’ve always loved the words to this one.

As a brief sidenote, my essay book was supposed to be released tomorrow, but I’m still trying to figure out how to convert it into an eBook without paying a big fee. I would release it next Tuesday, but I don’t want to overshadow the MoU release (lol…), so I’ll probably just wait until later this month. :-)

As always, thanks for listening. Keeping with my New Year’s resolution to post at least one new Laptop Session every day this year, Jim and/or I and/or Jeff will see you tomorrow!

“Barely Breathing” (Duncan Sheik Cover)

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By Chris Moore:

There’s only one day left after today for our latest edition of “New Bands Week.”  It’s always sad to see it go…  Now, in the past, we have unofficially extended our New Band Weeks by quite a few days, fishing deep into our reserves to find songs from new and different artists.  I wonder if Jim and Jeff plan to surprise us with acoustic covers of new bands even after Sunday…

Unfortunately, I’ll be breaking that trend by Monday, when I post my 100th Laptop Session!  I wanted to make it a special one, so I have chosen — and no one can convince me otherwise — to perform barenaked.  Oops, that was a typo.  I meant to write “Barenaked” with a capital “B.”  My bad.  My 100th session will be “Break Your Heart” by the Barenaked Ladies.  This is one of my all-time favorite songs, ever since Jim played it for me a few years ago.  I love everything about it — the lyrics, the concept, the emotion expressed, and most of all, Steven Page’s vocal performance.  Now, I’ll admit that this song is a bit out of my comfort zone.  And I spent about an hour tonight practicing and perfecting my performance and running my voice ragged and to the edge.  Will this be my best acoustic cover music video ever?  Probably not.  But, will it set the bar higher for my next 100 session?  Absolutely!

But, that’s enough about my next session.  I should probably write at least a little bit about my cover tonight…

Before New Bands Week started, we each signed up for bands we planned to cover.  I had signed up for Jimi Hendrix, Billy Bragg & Wilco, and John Denver.  Then, I jumped the gun and released a Jimi Hendrix cover a few weeks ago.  That left me with two.  I recorded “Walt Whitman’s Niece” by Billy Bragg & Wilco for my Tuesday session, so that left John Denver.  And I truly planned on recording a Denver song.

But it was not meant to be.  Instead, I’m bringing you a Billboard Hot 100 top twenty song.  This is Duncan Sheik’s “Barely Breathing,” a song that I’ve been practicing and wanting to record for a couple months.  Tonight, finally, I pulled it out, dusted it off, and I hope you enjoy it.  It really is one of those songs that received a ridiculous amount of radio airplay when I used to listen to it, but it absolutely deserved it.  It was easy to learn, had some interesting chord patterns, and this was probably one of the most fun recording sessions I’ve had in some time!  It was actually an odd experience — I haven’t heard the song for years, but I remembered almost all the words the first time around, and the whole experience was very natural.  For me, that was exciting!

Well, that’s it for me for now, but don’t miss the final official installment in New Bands Week for September 2008, a music video to be posted tomorrow by our very own Jeff Copperthite…

See you next session!

“Forever Young” (Bob Dylan Cover)

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By Chris Moore:

Hello and welcome to my second to last Laptop Session of 2008!  For my selection tonight, I’ve gone back to the formidable catalog of Bob Dylan.  Specifically, I’ve chosen a song that I think everyone should hear — around this time of the year, especially.

“Forever Young” is a fairly simple and straightforward song, one about wishing someone health, happiness, self-confidence, and an overall high quality of life.  I think it’s really interesting that Dylan recorded two versions of this song.  Now, you may be wondering why this is out of the ordinary, as Dylan is well-known for recording multiple versions of the same song, often with various arrangements and different lyrics.  However, in this case, both versions (each very unique) were included on the same album, 1974’s Planet Waves…  Back to back!

I hope you enjoy my cover of this great song, and I hope you’ll accept it as a blessing extended from me to each one of you, each of you that has taken and continues to take the time to listen to my cover songs.  It’s been quite a year with some great videos, some mediocre videos, and a few that stretched the range of what I’m able to do.  And, at the end of this noble experiment we like to call “session-a-day,” I find myself being able to sing a song — this one, “Forever Young,” — that I wasn’t able to sing and play comfortably as recently as a year ago.

Before I leave you to watch the music video I’ve posted on YouTube for today, I’d like to thank Jim’s cousin Sarah for having us over tonight.  Jim, Becky, Sarah, and I went to see Jim Carrey in Yes Man (and it was excellent fun!), eat at Luigi’s (where I had delicious scallops over ziti), and even got to play Wii tennis, dodgeball, and volleyball.  Sarah and I were an unstoppable team, but Jim did beat me mercilessly in the gladiator event.  It was good to get out.

And, as a final note, I just finished reading Stephen Chbosky’s The Perks of Being a Wallflower, which was a Christmas present from my sister Jaime.  It was an excellent book, and as I mentioned to her, I wish I had read it in high school, as I was trying to figure out some essential things about myself.  That was in large part what the novel was all about — learning to understand and be confident about yourself before you can properly fit other people into your life.  Now, I’m 25 pages into Kurt Vonnegut’s Slaughterhouse Five and really enjoying it.  Vonnegut is great; his final novel, Timequake, really impressed me, and I have no doubts that I’ll be equally amazed with this one by the time I’ve finished reading it.

Okay, but this is enough for now.  You should go watch my video, and I’m going to go back to watching episodes from the eighth season of ER, one of my favorite shows of all time.  I forgot how much I cared about these characters — Greene, Carter, Lewis, and others.

Hurry on back, now, for Jeff’s video tomorrow.  Then, it’s one last time through the batting order before 2009!!

See you next and last (for 2008) session!