Music Reviews – One Heart, Professional Vocalist

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By Chris Moore:

One of the key criteria in judging a solo act is in the singer’s range and catalog of material. From the sounds of his seven track sampler, professional vocalist Andi Dawson, also known as One Heart, has managed to not only select a wide range of rock and pop numbers for his repertoire, but also to master the subtleties of each of his diverse tracks.

From the first vocal notes of “Smooth,” the singer’s attention to detail is clearly evidenced by the vocal effect that is strikingly similar to the one used famously by Rob Thomas, who helped score a number one hit on the Billboard Hot 100 for Santana at the turn of the millennium. And yet, a few tracks later, One Heart has slowed down and, going back to the seventies, taken on the smooth tones of Eric Clapton’s “Wonderful Tonight.” Gone is the bravado necessary for a rocker like “Smooth.” Instead, he delivers a vocal true to Clapton’s original, complete with subtleties in inflection and overall delivery.

Suitably, his voice drops an octave for the early sixties Del Shannon hit “Runaway.” His timing is impeccable on One Heart’s version of “Brown-Eyed Girl.” And One Heart has left no decade of rock music unexplored, faithfully translating Queen’s early nineties hit “The Show Must Go On,” Bryan Adams’ eighties hit “The Summer of ’69,” and a mix of fifties tracks in “The One Heart Rock & Roll Medley.”

The medley, the seventh and final track, fades with a take on “Rock Around the Clock,” originally by Bill Haley & His Comets. It is quite fitting for the set to end with the oldest songs presented, and yet with a number that is every bit as upbeat as their opening track.

Based out of Portsmouth in the United Kingdom, One Heart is the perfect solution for anyone planning the music for an event such as a wedding. Judging from his tracks — available online at — this solo vocalist will bring a wide range of popular music sensibilities to his performances. This seven track sampler alone draws from mostly top ten and top five hits from artists as diverse as Elvis Presley to Queen, from eras as early as the 1950s to as recently as the new millennium. This supports the promise on the official website that “One Heart is an act that has been carefully designed to supply entertainment to all present.”

Having contributed regularly to the “session-a-day” Laptop Sessions acoustic cover songs project, I have quickly become an expert of sorts and indeed quite particular when it comes to judging the quality of covers. One Heart consistently demonstrates a mastery and a faithfulness to the original studio recordings of the songs he performs.

His music is solid, his vocal range is more than adequate for the range of artists he has chosen to cover, and his selection is vast — what more could you desire in one singer?

“Runaway” (Del Shannon Cover)

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By Jim Fusco:

Okay, picture this- a website with nothing but great songs that feature…the kazoo!  Now picture the name of the site: KazooTube!  It’s perfect- I’ll go trademark it.

Tonight, I bring you yet another song with a kazoo solo (featuring the hand of one Chris Moore).  This tune is none other than Del Shannon’s classic hit, “Runaway”.  Even if you’ve been living under a rock for the past 50 years and don’t know this song, you may yet have heard of it.  Remember the Tom Petty classic song “Runnin’ Down A Dream”?  Well, a line in that song is, “Me and Del were singin’ Little Runaway, I was drivin’.”  I guess Del and Petty were friends during the last few years of Shannon’s life.

I was just reading about Del Shannon- what a sad story!  His only really big hit song was “Runaway” and that went all the way to Number One in 1961.  It was his first single!  Then, he had a few more years of mediocrity before falling off the charts completely.  After that, he produced, etc.  Then, in 1990, after a long battle with alcoholism and prescription drugs, he shot himself.  I couldn’t believe it when I saw it!  I mean, I knew he died relatively young (age 55), but I thought it was from an illness.

So, this video turns into a tribute of sorts.  Even though he died 18 years ago, I just found out about it now, so it feels like a loss.

I don’t know what made me think of doing this song- I haven’t heard it in ages.  But, it’s really a great one for me to do.  It’s from an artist we haven’t done yet, it’s a great song, it allowed me to play a fairly dead-on solo, it’s got a great beat, and it’s got that oh-so catchy falsetto part that I love so dear.  Any chance I get to sing in that register without being embarassed is a chance I want to take!

I hope you enjoy tonight’s video as I pinch-hit for an under-the-weather Jeff.  I’ll be back tomorrow night, and then you won’t see me until next Thursday, as Jeff makes up for lost time.  Tomorrow night, I think I’ll be back on the Christmas song train, as I’ll be recording another video when I get home from work.  I hope to have Chris help me out on the song and his level of consciousness tomorrow night will determine whether you’ll be watching a solo performance or a duet.  Until then, have a great Friday and see you in the evening for another great Laptop Sessions acoustic cover song music video!