“Back to California” (Wallflowers Cover)

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By Chris Moore:

Seeing as how the Wallflowers are coming to town tonight, I thought it only appropriate to play one of my favorite tunes off their most recent album, Rebel, Sweetheart. If you are hearing “Back to California” here for the first time, please find and listen to the album version. The real version is one of the most rocking songs I’ve ever heard from Jakob Dylan and the boys.

I recorded more takes of this cover song music video than I should have, in my desire to recreate it acoustically and yet maintain the same spirit of the studio recording. Just like “Everything I Need,” this was certainly a vocal workout–this time, not because of the range but due to the emotion/inflection I tried to achieve while my allergies are in full swing…

Well, I’m really excited about going to see the Wallflowers show at Foxwoods tonight with Jim and Mike. This is one of my all-time favorite bands, and because they tour so infrequently these days, I was afraid I would never get to see them.

We’ll definitely report back on the Wallflowers show. For now, I hope you enjoy the acoustic cover song music video — I hope you’ll rate it and/or leave a comment.

See you next session!

P.S. I can’t wait to hear more new tracks from Jakob Dylan’s upcoming solo album, Seeing Things! Maybe they’ll translate into some new acoustic covers for the Laptop Sessions music video blog soon… 🙂

“Everything I Need” (Wallflowers Covers) – Triple Threat Tuesday

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By Jim Fusco:

Welcome to another Triple Threat Tuesday edition of the Laptop Sessions, as Jeff, Chris, and I all bring you this great tune from the Wallflowers- “Everything I Need”.

It’s funny how much I love “Red Letter Days” but never could get into any of their other albums. I love the hooks and the rockin’ sound on that album- I’ll be doing other songs off of it soon including my favorite: “How Good It Can Get”.

We’re going to see the Wallflowers for the first time in a few weeks- check the blog at http://laptopsessions.com to read our reviews of the concert!

I did this song in ONE take- which is a very rare occurrence. I’ve always liked how simple this song is, but still incredibly catchy.

I have SO many songs I can’t wait to premiere for everyone, as I’ve been trying to get as many Sessions done as possible so I can continue work on my two new album projects.

These videos are only three in a series of acoustic cover songs here on the Fusco-Moore Productions Blog.

Jeff’s Version is unfortunately no longer on YouTube…but here’s:

Chris’ Version