“My Heart” (Paramore Cover)

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Hello and welcome to an all-new installment in the Guest Sessions!  This week’s featured song is a cover version of “My Heart” by the band Paramore.  This is a new song AND a new band to the site, so we hope you’ll enjoy it.  Although it’s been on YouTube for a while, it was just submitted to the Guest Sessions and stands out from the other submissions for being from a new band, not to mention being sung by a female.

Here’s what Clarence had to say about the video:

This is me and my friend Alisa performing at our school’s “coffee house” a year ago.

We hope you enjoy this new installment and hurry back next week for an all-new week of original Laptop Sessions posts by Chris, Jim, and Jeff!

“Mexican Hat Dance” (Traditional cover)

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By Jeremy Hammond:

I was just playing around and worked out a fun little arrangement for this traditional song that everyone will recognize.


I couldn’t resist picking this as our Guest Sessions featured video of the week.  It’s a fun little song, and a fun little performance by one of our favorite contributors to the site.

We may know this popularly as the “Mexican Hat Dance,” but it is more formally known as “Jarabe tapatio.”  It was first compiled in Guadalajaran music professor Jesus Gonzalez Rubio as a medley of Mexican folk music.  It has since been honored by many as the national dance of Mexico.

This is your Guest Session electric cover song instrumental video.  We hope you’ll enjoy it and hurry back next week for another great contribution!

“Sunday Morning” (Maroon 5 Cover)

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By Dave Patten:

Acoustic cover of “Sunday Morning” played outside on a porch filmed in HD.  Follow Dave’s musical career (he’s hit #1 on MTV.com): http://www.davepatten.typepad.com/


For the second Guest Session in a row, we’re happy to introduce a new performer to the blog: Dave Patten.

His song today is a cover of “Sunday Morning” from Maroon 5’s 2002 debut release Songs About Jane.  This is a band that has yet to be seen on the blog, so it’s always good to include new selections like this.

Dave’s video may be a bit more meticulously filmed than our average session, but it is a live acoustic performance, and so it meets the core Laptop Sessions format requirements. We hope that this production only serves to add to your enjoyment of his take on this hit song.

Hurry back in two weeks for another all-new Guest Session!

“Just A Dream” (Nelly Cover)

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By Pat Noonan:

My first impression of “Just A Dream” by Nelly was how big and full the hook sounded for such a ballad-ish song, so I wanted to try to really strip it down to just two tracks for an acoustic version, pretty much the opposite approach to covering “Just The Way You Are” last week (see YouTube). I ended up cutting some of the song out, slightly altering the melody/lyrics in some places, writing a fitting acoustic guitar part and changing some of the chords. The ending I did seemed appropriate because that’s actually the song that gets stuck in my head whenever I hear the Nelly song haha so I hope you like it; let me know what you think!


It’s not every day that I check my inbox and find a link to an acoustic cover version of a Nelly song.

Well, it apparently happens sometimes, because I’m here to welcome back Pat Noonan for his second featured video on the Laptop Sessions acoustic cover song music video blog.  He’s chosen an interesting track to cover, and his performance highlights his impressive vocals. I have the strong suspicion that you’ll enjoy this as much as I did.

Happy Friday, and check back soon for new material here at the blog!