“Tomorrow Never Knows” (Bruce Springsteen Cover)

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By Federico Borluzzi:

Acoustic cover of “Tomorrow Never Knows,” from Bruce Springsteen’s Working On A Dream album (2009).


Tonight, I’m happy to add another cover song from Federico. This time around, he’s picked a beautiful little gem from Bruce Springsteen’s latest album. “Tomorrow Never Knows” may conjure memories of the classic Beatles tune of the same name, but it’s an entirely different track, believe me. If you’ve heard the original, then you know that this is an excellent choice for an acoustic cover song.

We hope you enjoy Federico’s Guest Session — leave comments, submit a session of your own (click on “The Guest Sessions in the weekly calendar above), or simply kick back and listen!

“Gangsta’s Paradise” (Coolio Cover) – The Guest Sessions

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Happy Valentine’s Day to all! Today’s Guest Sessions cover song video is a unique one- it’s Coolio’s classic song, “Gangsta’s Paradise”! Now, I’m sure I’ll get some flack for choosing this one, as it’s done by a trio of people that probably have no business singing a song like this. But, it just struck me as a good version (even though some commenters on YouTube don’t think so). The version presented here on the music blog by Christi, CJ, and Aaron is very melodic- I really enjoyed the feel of the video as a whole.

I’m also probably the last person that should be choosing a cover song version of “Gangsta’s Paradise” because my real familiarity with this song is from the great parody Weird Al Yankovic did called “Amish Paradise”. I can’t help but sing it to myself right now. When I first heard it, I almost died laughing at the line, “A local boy kicked me in the butt last week. I just smiled at him, then I turned the other cheek!” I guess that’s like a 12-year-old’s humor that doesn’t really seem to go away in later years (for men, at least).

Let me know what you think of this unique cover. Sure, it’s not exactly in the style of the Laptop Sessions cover song videos, but I seem to remember a few “trio” videos we did a while back. Maybe that’s why I watched this video with a rosy hue. I look forward to reading some comments!

“Up From Under” (Wallflowers Cover)

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By Ryan V:

Cover of “Up from Under” by the Wallflowers.  I did this with a freeware webcam recorder – sorry about that…  Thus the audio and video are kinda crappy, plus that annoying watermark.  But the vocals/guitar is all me, just a bit delayed.


Ladies and gentlemen, let’s extend a warm welcome to the latest addition to the Guest Sessions team of performers… Ryan!

Ryan’s choice is an excellent one for an acoustic cover song.  In fact, after all the Breach covers that Jeff Copperthite and I have done over the years (“Sleepwalker,” “Hand Me Down,” “I’ve Been Delivered”), we’ve somehow managed to miss this little gem.  Breach really is an underrated album with a wide selection of beautiful songs, and Dylan and company strike a perfect balance between electric and acoustic work.

As Ryan points out above, the quality lags a bit on this music video.  Still, I think you’ll find it to be a solid, faithful cover version with some great fingerpicking.  He’s been watching the Laptop Sessions for some time, and I’m proud to welcome him to the blog via this performance. Seeing as how we were less than ten days away from the one year anniversary of our last Wallflowers post (Jeff’s February 27, 2009 cover of “I’ve Been Delivered”), we thank Ryan for sending this in just in time…

Here’s to many more great cover song music videos!

“Jorge Maravilha” (Chico Buarque cover) [Ep 7, Fall 2011]

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By Rodrigo Palhano:

This is a song from a notorious Brazilian writer/singer Chico Buarque.  Some say its lyrics are addressed to the former Brazilian dictator’s daughter (1974).

The catchy phrase says:

“You don´t like me, but your daughter does.”

Hope you enjoy it!

[Editor’s Note: Here’s a serious first-time for the Laptop Sessions: an acoustic cover song music video performed in a language other than English!  It was only a matter of time before the LS blog went bilingual.  For years now, we have featured videos from artists in countries outside America, taking advantage of one of the wonderful uniting properties of the internet.  Rodrigo has contributed to the Guest Sessions before, but there is even more energy in this song than his previous work.  It’s our pleasure to bring it to you, and even if you don’t know all the words (I know I don’t), I’m certain that you’ll enjoy the performance and that catchy chorus line.  I know I did.]