“All Things Must Pass” (George Harrison Cover)

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By Jim Fusco:

Hello everyone and welcome to my first installment of “Title Track Week” here at The Laptop Sessions! Chris and Jeff have already put forth two strong efforts, so I had to follow suit. I have such a list of songs to add to the Sessions, but I can’t seem to sit myself down to do a few lately. Don’t have much choice come Friday!

Tonight, I bring you the title track of the most successful post-Beatles solo album from one of the group’s members: “All Things Must Pass”. This is a great album, of course, and expect to hear many songs from this one in the future.

This is a great song that has a very insightful message, especially considering that George is now passed. We actually played this song in tribute to him on one of our radio shows over at WCJM.com Free Internet Radio.

This video was done a bit differently- I used my new ZOOM H2 microphone, which is really awesome, to record the audio. It came out great, but unfortunately became kind of a big project because the H2 wouldn’t properly connect to my Macbook. I hoped to do all of my Sessions with this microphone from now on, but the Mac doesn’t give the option to use the internal camera’s video and the ZOOM’s audio. Of course, you know I’ll keep trying to find a solution…

I hope you enjoy today’s Session and come back to http://LaptopSessions.com tomorrow for another great “Original Wednesday” video from Chris Moore!

“Congratulations” (The Traveling Wilburys Cover)

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By Jim Fusco: Well, it’s my day again already, huh? :-)


Seems we’ve bee doing so much promotion between the friend requests, SEO work, and such that it really is getting harder and harder to keep on the “every third day” schedule. And now, we have a Members-Only section on the blog, which will have exclusive, not-on-YouTube, videos. So, that’s even more to do!


I’m hoping with the long weekend that I can record a bunch of Sessions and then focus on promoting what we already have for awhile.


Now, getting on to today’s Laptop Session:


“Congratulations” is a Traveling Wilburys song that my brother Mike and I would always kinda make fun of when we were younger. I mean, the album came out when I was four and my family loved it, so we always listened to it. Plus, when you’re a little kid, Bob Dylan’s incredibly raspy voice is pretty funny.


But, years later, after my 1000th listen, I began to realize that this really is a good song. I think the whole band contributed and the actual tune of the song (stripped of Dylan’s raspiness or not) is great.


The song is sad and emotional, which is probably why they chose Dylan to sing it in the first place, but I thought I would give it a more “pure” treatment.


This was done in one take, so you know I was dead-on. Jeff, Chris, and I are doing a lot more of that lately- partially because of time constraints, but partially because we’re just getting so good at doing this. My skills have been increasing steadily with my view count and subscriber numbers, which are nearing 200 now!


I will meet my goal of 55,000 views by the end of the month and now the only question is: how many more will I get? The Laptop Sessions site is poised for a BOOM in popularity, so stay tuned, as you may have already stumbled upon the Next Big Thing in music!

Video Blog: How Songwriter Jim Fusco Develops New Music in the Studio

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By Jim Fusco:

Hello and welcome to another Jim Fusco video podcast! I’ve been working on my new album, “Halfway There”, and thought I would give an update on my progress while also talking about how I go about developing a song.

I think there’s some interestig tidbits in here about my creative process, which differs GREATLY from my friends’ creative process.

I’d love to hear comments about how you work out songs and your thoughts of how I’m approaching songwriting!

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Also, you can get the new album, when it comes out, at my Official Website at http://jimfusco.com . Thanks for watching!

Video Blog: How Songwriter Jim Fusco Writes a Song – Part 1, a video documentary

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By Jim Fusco:

A few years ago, I did a video documentary for my MySpace blog (http://myspace.com/jimfusco) showing how I go through the songwriting process.

This particular video shows how I develop a chord progression, a tune, and lyrics for a song from scratch.

Of course, I don’t write many of my songs this way- this was a long and tedious process. But, it’s interesting to see how I began the writing process in Part 1, completed the writing in Part 2, and played live for the first time ever (a few days later) in Part 3.

I hope you enjoy my mini-documentary and will check out my other “How I” videos, like “How I Record A Song” and “How I Develop A Song”!

For all of my original music, check out my website at http://jimfusco.com .

Also, check out the Laptop Sessions YouTube video series, where we at Fusco-Moore Productions cover your favorite artists unlike any other YouTube covers—good! :-) Our complete video site is at http://laptopsessions.com .