Audio Production, Mastering, and Studio Musician Services from FMP Studios

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Audio Production, Mastering, and Studio Musician Services

Jim’s degree may be in video production, but his passion is in audio. He owns a collection of over 11,000 songs (90% of which he knows word-for-word), has a fully-equipped recording studio, and is also a musician.

Audio Production Services

Audio Mastering Services

Studio Musician Services

Fusco-Moore Studios

So, whether you need audio or voiceovers for a project, professional audio mastering for Major Record Label CD sound, or a studio musician to help you record your songs, Jim’s your man!

Fusco-Moore Studios

Get YOUR audio project done at only $30 an hour! Jim works faster and more efficiently while still maintaining the highest levels of quality. Click HERE to contact us and get started!

Get your Audio Production, Mastering, and Studio Musician Services at FMP Studios!

New Music News: Songwriters assure that Homestead’s Revenge is coming…

Will YOU get the Revenge? We certainly hope so!

“Homestead’s Revenge”, the new album from Masters of the Universe, is coming out tomorrow.

April Fools?

We hope not, but I for one won’t believe it until I see it.

Needless to say, I’ll be downstairs mastering songs for a LONG time tonight, then working on covers, back covers, inside spreads, mp3 files, and websites. Ugh. But, this album’s worth it- you’re going to LOVE it!

More details as they come in tonight…

Video Blog Site Update: Fusco-Moore Studios is HERE!

By Jim Fusco:

Hello everyone! I just wanted to post that my grueling and long days of work have finally paid off, and now Fusco-Moore Studios is here! You can click HERE or always get to it on the link in the top bar, which is atop ALL the Fusco-Moore pages.

This site now offers my many multimedia services to the world- as you can tell with the products we put out all the time, you know the quality is top-notch. But, what sets us apart from other studios is our INCREDIBLY low prices and fast turnaround times!

So if you know of anyone in need of video, audio, marketing, graphics, web, and photo work done, you’ll know where to send them! Check out the page now and I’d love to hear what everyone thinks.