WCJM Free Internet Radio Station: “The Double Meaning Show” – 2001

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By WCJM Free Internet Radio:

How many times can Matt Griffiths say, “Oh my God” in one show?  I don’t think Alberto can count that high!  This show has now taken a seat next to The Comedy Show as one of the funniest things to come out of WCJM free Internet radio.  The format followed this pattern: skit, song, skit, song.  This made for songs with double meanings and too many puns to bear!  And that’s not a Stuffy pun.

Skits like “The Rascal,” two Dr. Keck segments, a Spy Convention skit, and Stuffy D. Bear made this show incredibly hilarious.  There was also a new character called the Food Critic, played by Jim.  This show has great news reports, hilarious sports, and other great reports during the Traffic, News, and Weather segments.

The original cast plus Matt came back for this well rounded show.  The songs had trivia after them and there was even an investigation on the Beatles’ “Paul is Dead” hoax.  Matt also wrote his Minor Pain Christmastime Hits promo (see below).  Jim used his new DJ Machine to provide the music for the skits and the trivia questions, making for a constant beat during the show.

The show started off shaky (as usual), but after a microphone mix up was fixed, the show went off without a hitch.  Dave and Chris were actually funny!  That’s enough to make anyone want to listen to the show.  There was also a pun tournament during the comedy radio show.  Each pun was carefully counted by Alberto, and here is the final list:

1. Mike- 57
2. Jim- 44
3. Matt- 28
4. Dave- 27
5. Stuffy (in four minutes!)- 25
6. Chris- 19
7. Alberto- 17

WCJM Free Internet Radio Station: “The That Was Then, This Is Now Show” – 2007

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By WCJM Free Internet Radio:

The show’s theme had been thought-up many years ago, and the ninth anniversary of WCJM free Internet radio would be a memorable one. Songs were chosen as a “then” and “now” from each band, for instance, a Beach Boys song from the 60s and one from the last couple years.

The skits would follow the same format. Before each skit or appearance by such standards as Dr K., Ben Case, the Food Critic, Traffic, News, and Weather, and others, a clip of some great lines from past shows would play. That would be our “then” before the guys busted out with their material from “now”!

As you listen to this show, you can hear how each of the cast members just loves being there. Being around old friends that you see maybe once or twice a year is special enough, but when you add comedy and creativity, it just ups the excitement. Matt was on, as usual, with his comedy routines and Celebrity Jeopardy. Chris had the cast rolling with his “Lightsaber Accidents” skit. Jim wrote more material than ever. Mike and Alb cracked about whatever they found funny. Jeff provided his usual hilarious segments, plus a Top Ten list.

For this show, there was an eighth member. Cliff Huizenga, a college friend of Jim’s, fit right in to the WCJM cast. Let’s just say that he can dish the insults right along with the usual cast. Cliff was invited as a special guest for this show because of his tireless (okay, maybe he was tired) efforts on the WCJM website. His knowledge and skill helped put this site together and the entire cast is very grateful.

The show was recorded differently this time. Two condenser microphones were used back-to-back in the center of the room. This allowed the cast to sit in an on-obscured circle, plus the microphones picked everyone’s voice up perfectly! If you listen to this show on headphones, note the great stereo effect. It really sounds like you’re in the room with them!

This is clearly the longest WCJM show to date- about four hours! But, there’s over 20 segments and skits combined with great music to make that time just fly by. Well, there’s one thing about WCJM- the funny radio shows are great- both then and now!

“Can’t Help Falling In Love” (Elvis Presley Cover)

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By Jim Fusco:

Congratulations to Mike Fusco for his first Laptop Session!

It’s been a few months since we started the Laptop Sessions acoustic rock cover songs video blog.  And that entire time, we’ve been trying to get my brother Mike Fusco into the mix, no pun intended.  You may remember Mike Fusco as the famous voice and mind behind Dr. K. on WCJM free internet radio.  You may also remember Mike as the “self-proclaimed teen heartthrob.”  But here on the Laptop Sessions, he’s simply Mike Fusco- singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and fellow mater of the cover song art.

Tonight, I graciously gave Mike my normal spot in the cover song rotation (in other words, “YES! I get a day off- thank you Mike!), but don’t worry, I’ll be back on Tuesday with another great cover song from another artist we haven’t covered yet here on the music blog.

Mike begins his tenue with the Laptop Sessions with his emotional cover of Elvis Presley’s classic love song, “Can’t Help Falling In Love.”  Mike did a great job with this, giving the song extra meaning, considering the situation he was in.  I’m happy that instead of just sulking, he turned his emotions into a great cover of this classic song.

We hope to get a Mike song on the video blog once a week.  He has our full support here and we hope you’ll help welcome Mike to the Laptop Sessions!

The Laptop Sessions Original Wednesday: “Christmas Evening” (Jim Fusco original acoustic song)

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By Jim Fusco:

A week away.  I just can’t believe it.  I haven’t had time to breathe, but I’ve managed to set up the whole house, buy and wrap gifts, and watch Christmas movies in this short period we call Christmas time.  During these last few days, I’m trying to make the absolute most of it, and that involves doing things I actually want to do when I get home.  I’m glad to bring you tonight’s Original Wednesday.

You know, I tried to present a new song here tonight, but my last Original Wednesday of the Session-a-day project rounds out with yet another Christmas song.  I can’t believe we’re at the end of this project already.  I mean, it’s been a lot of work and a long time in the making, but I look forward to the time when I can actually go back and appreciate it all.  It’s been a great life-journal over these past few months.

Tonight’s orignal song is a tune that my father dictated to me, to which I attempted (back in 2000 or 2001) to add chords to.  He’s maintained throughout the years that I didn’t get it right.  The original music had a flute behind it.  I remember the flute part exactly.  I know that’s what he wanted in there.  He says I don’t sing it right, either, but I suppose that’s the nature of cover songs…and the nature of transposing a song from a tune to the piano when you really don’t know how to play.  Again, this was seven years ago when I was still VERY new to any of the “musical” instruments.  I knew how to play the drums, but picked up piano and guitar on my own.

I actually remember being out at, I think, a place like Sturbridge Village with my aunt many summers ago and specifically buying one of those tin flutes so I could play this song’s flute part.  I know I have a version of it somewhere.  Wow, I think it’s actually right in front of my face right now on the desk in  my room.  If Chris gets me REALLY drunk (kidding!) maybe he can talk me into playing that almost certainly embarassing tape of Christmas songs for him.  Hey, free fast-food always helps.  But, then again, I owe him for last night’s dinner because I forgot to pay for his!  What a friend I am…

I got to do a little shopping tonight, allowing me to neglect my nightly freelance work in favor of spreading some Christmas cheer.  I hope I have a nice weekend and a nice time leading into Christmas.

Oh, and as one last note: I made a comment at work today about one of the reasons I love Christmas music so much.  I really do like it more than just about anyone.  I have over 200 Christmas songs and love every single one.  Anyway, one of the reasons I love it so much is because of how happy the songs are.  I can count on one hand the sad Christmas songs.  And even those have sleigh bells…

Tonight’s original song is one of those sad songs (with sleigh bells) that basically points out how Christmas can be a sad time if no one’s there to make it a big event.  I took my father’s verses (whether he says they’re correct or not) and appended the fast part way back then.  The parts actually work together well and the lyrics even follow the same sentiment: “I want to be home on Christmas.  If I’m not, then I’ll be sad.  If you’re wondering why I’m sad, just look around and notice that I’m not home and around loved ones for Christmas!”  So, it all comes back around.

Good night and see you on Saturday!  Stay tuned for a great Thumpin’ Thursday post with Chris Moore tomorrow!