The Laptop Sessions: BEHIND THE SCENES… (Acoustic Rock Video Blog)

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By Chris Moore:

This is an outtake from a recent recording for the Laptop Sessions. I just had to share it, and I hope you find it as enjoyable as I did. (Keep in mind that this is completely unscripted — this is exactly how it happened; this is precisely my natural reaction!) I think it speaks for itself…

Check back for a new Original Wednesday Laptop Session, to be posted in about an hour or so.

Behind the Scenes IV (Cover Music Video Series)

Welcome to a special edition video that Chris has done a few for. Now it’s my turn!

This video documents an unusual way to lose a take. We here at have many ways to mess up during our recordings – missed chords, forgotten lyrics, sounds in the background, etc. Thankfully you see only the best.

However, now you get a rare look!

Well, enjoy this while I get today’s session up and running!

Editor’s Note: Unfortunately, Jeff’s acoustic cover song music videos are no longer on YouTube, but we decided to keep his cover song blog posts up.  We figured these music blog entries would be good for posterity’s sake and because Jeff always gave such insightful posts each Session.  We hope to see Jeff’s impressive catalog of acoustic rock songs here on the Laptop Sessions cover songs and origianal music blog again in the future.  But, for now, please make sure to check-out hundreds of other acoustic cover songs from all of your favorite bands here on the Laptop Sessions music blog!

Behind the Scenes III (“This One’s For the Birds” – Covers…)

By Chris Moore:

(I vowed to myself that I wouldn’t do another one of these progressively cheesier “Behind the Scenes” segments, but this actually happened to me yesterday and I just had to share!…)

Welcome to The Laptop Sessions: Behind the Scenes III! Come one, come all – see how the Laptop Sessions may appear easy to produce, but this is just one of the many problems we face behind the scenes! :-)

Seriously, I hope you enjoy…

P.S. As with the previous two “Behind the Scenes” segments I’ve done (well, at least with the first one…), this was completely unscripted!