Photo Restoration & Touchup Services from FMP Studios

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Photo Restoration & Touchup Services

We at FMP Studios believe that a photo should show you at your BEST. And, you don’t need a professional camera to get a great looking photo, either!

Over the years, Jim Fusco has become a Photoshop MASTER! There’s no project he can’t handle. Just LOOK at everything he can do for your precious photos, both personal and professional:

Standard Photo Package (1 photo): $30
(We’ll contact you to get your photo within 12 hours!)


  • Removal of:
    • Wrinkles
    • Crow’s feet
    • Moles and blemishes
    • Unwanted hair
    • Simple background objects
    • Shadows
    • Dark under-eye circles
  • Fixes:
    • Color balance (and correction of unnatural lighting)
    • Contrast
    • Add color to washed-out photo
    • Whiten teeth
    • Lighten eyes
    • Red-eye removal that looks natural!
    • Sharpen slightly blurry shots

Example: To the left is a photo of Jim Fusco taken from a cell phone. To the right, Jim edited the photo using the features of the Basic Package. Of course, there’s not TOO much work needed to be done on Jim’s face (yeah, right!), but look at all the differences:

  • The edited photo is brighter and the colors are more natural.
  • Notice the dark circles under the eyes are gone!
  • His hair isn’t frizzy anymore.
  • His eyes and teeth are brighter and whiter.
  • Moles and blemishes have been removed.
  • And, if you look closely, the towel and broom handle in the background have been completely removed!

Jim Fusco before touchupJim Fusco after touchup
Transform your photos from drab and tired to bright and presentable for only $30!

Advanced Photo Package (1 photo): Only $50!
(We’ll contact you to get your photo within 12 hours!)

Includes ALL the features of the Basic Package, PLUS:

  • Fix “half-closed” eyes
  • Re-align someone’s gaze direction
  • Repair tears in photos
  • Restore torn-away areas of photos
  • Insert another person/object into a photo
  • Colorize black & white photo (complete or partial)
  • Straighten teeth
  • Lighten 5 o’clock shadow
  • Remove complicated background objects
  • Remove other people from photos!
  • Sharpen even EXTREMELY blurry photos!
  • Fix double-exposure, so common in digital camera photos
  • Forensic work: have a photo of a car in the background, but can’t see the license plate? We can make it visible- just like on C.S.I.!


All packages come with a 24-hour turnaround time and e-mailing of the digital photo back to you!
Print prices are as follows, INCLUDING SHIPPING!:

FMP Studios has its own domain name!

Just a quick announcement:

I finally pulled the trigger and purchased a new domain name for FMP Studios, the premier music, video, graphics, marketing, and photo restoration studio:!

We’ll be updating links to this site soon and I hope you’ll check it out. We offer a ton of great services, all of which you can read about right here on the Fusco-Moore Productions cover songs music video blog by searching “FMP Studios” in the search box on the top of the page. You’ll be blown away by our unique combination of: fast turnaround times, professional custom results, and lowest prices anywhere!

Let me just say, as well, that running this website (and the other six we have) isn’t easy. Working full time, doing a video every three days, and planning a wedding all contribute to the difficulty.

But, over the past few days, Chris Moore has really stepped-up and has done some great things for the site. You see, my job here on the video blog is to come up with ideas for new features and more ways to get us noticed. And then, I have to figure out how to make those ideas come to life. We’ve seen many examples of this over the past two months or so. We now have a full sitemap, an incredibly extensive directory, links to every category, and so much more. Plus, we post at least once a day.

Chris isn’t a coding kinda guy like me. But, he really wanted to help. So, I gave him some large tasks to do. With some help from Jeff, Chris wrote literally 50 pages worth of unique and informative content to put on ALL of our category pages! It was an incredible amount of work and I want him to know that it was appreciated and will be very helpful to our cause very soon. He also made great descriptions for the site and is making great posts for WCJM Radio and FMP Studios. I’ve had so much of the burden taken off of me. I usually have to come up with the ideas, DO ALL THE WORK, and THEN implement it all.

With Chris’ help, I’ve been able to do so many more unique things to the site because I don’t have to spend my time actually making the content, like I’ve always had to do in the past. Now, I can focus on making the site work properly and getting these enhancements to really make the site better in the end.

I also appreciate Jeff’s consistency here- I never have to bug him to do his Session. I never have to tell him to do a better job. He just does it. And now, since Chris should probably get a break from some of this stuff, I might have to start bugging Jeff soon! :-)

What a team…