Jim Fusco Surpasses 400,000 Views on YouTube!

Seems like forever since we hit a milestone in views- I hope that life will calm down enough to start promotion back up on the blog.

But, in the meantime, I can celebrate 400,000 views on YouTube of my nearly 200 acoustic cover song music videos!  I can’t wait to get the elusive half-million- then, I’ll be halfway to one of my life goals- a million views on YouTube.

To have a million of anything, to me, is pretty impressive.  “Oh, if I had a dollar…” :-)

Anyway, thanks to all for the support and the views- keep ’em coming!

Video Blog Milestone: Songwriter Jim Fusco’s 100th YouTube subscriber!!

By Jim Fusco:

Well, almost a month ahead of schedule, today I received my 100th YouTube subscriber!

Even though this number pales in comparison to Chris’ subscriber count, I’m still very proud of it because I’d say about 95 of these subscribers decided to subscribe on their own. I mean, I didn’t invite them to subscribe- they saw my videos and liked them enough to choose to watch them as soon as they come out! What a testament to the power of the Laptop Sessions.

But, I won’t be so high-and-mighty anymore, as I really just wanted to reach 100 “natural” subscribers. Now, I’ll be doing a bit more work finding the people that love my videos…but don’t quite know it yet.

With that said, thank you to my Top 100 and, as promised, the 100th subscriber will be getting his $10 Fusco-Moore Store gift certificate…as soon as YouTube is done performing site maintenance.