“Violet Hill” (A Coldplay Cover)

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By Chris Moore:

Hello and welcome to yet another all-new acoustic cover song! Tonight is a special treat for those of you who love to listen to new music. This is “Violet Hill,” a track off of Coldplay’s brand new album Viva La Vida. This album was just released in 2008, and this is the first song from the new album to be featured here on the music blog. As an added treat, this is my very first Coldplay cover — I’ve always avoided this band, not so much because there aren’t any songs that I would like to cover, but because Chris Martin’s vocal range is typically much higher than this particular Chris is comfortable with…

Which leads me to my take on Coldplay’s catalog. I first listened to A Rush of Blood to the Head when one of my co-workers at Staples highly recommended it to me. At the time, I was listening to the Beach Boys’ underrated and (in my opinion) under-appreciated album Carl & the Passions – ‘So Tough. Perhaps it was because I had been listening to one of my favorite albums of all time, but when I began listening to the Coldplay album instead, I must admit I felt let down. This is the band that Rolling Stone magazine and many others have repeatedly termed one of the biggest and best rock bands of all time. Martin was recently referred to as a “Rock God” on the cover of RS. Don’t get me wrong; there were excellent songs, like the hit “Clocks” (that Jeff Copperthite has already covered – click here to listen!) and the title track, among others. However, the album seemed to suffer from an inability to really pick it up and move. So much seems to drag and float, Martin’s vocals only exacerbating the protracted sensation that the repetition of sections and sounds creates.

Years and listens later, my disapproval of Rush of Blood has certainly softened. I would even say I’ve grown to appreciate the album, though I’m still unable to really get into it. Their subsequent release, X&Y, was a different story altogether. Although I can understand why it was criticized for sounding too similar from song to song, I immediately grew fond of X&Y, and it is as a direct result of liking this album that I decided to give this year’s Viva La Vida a chance.

And I’m so glad that I did!

From start to finish, I can’t say enough about this new music from Coldplay. The album is a concept album and the best I can say is that it’s simply done well. The concept isn’t forced; it feels like a complete thought is being expressed. The fade-in and fade-out are the same synthesized section, giving the album a sense of being cyclical, which is interesting given that the main focus is life and death. I wondered if Chris Martin has been influenced by the true innovators of the concept album, the Moody Blues. For songwriters, there’s alot to be learned from albums like To Our Children’s Children’s Children’s, which have yet to be topped, and I doubt that they ever will.

As Sharkboy from TNA wrestling would say, “And that’s the fishin’ line!” (A play on Stone Cold Steve Austin’s “bottom line” catch phrase.) That’s it for me until next time, but don’t miss another quality session from Fusco-Moore Productions’ own Jeff Copperthite tomorrow…

See you next session!

Some photographs from our new music performance at Testa’s!

By Jeff Copperthite:

Hello to everyone out there! I just got finished recording some more future laptop sessions (and re-recording a couple while I was at it), and wanted to share with you some of the images from our first ever performance, aptly labeled “The Laptop Sessions Live Tour”, which was at Testa’s in Southington on April 12, 2008.

If I may be allowed to toot our own horn a bit, we sounded great! Our format was enjoyed by all in attendance, and we left after 4 straight hours of non-stop performing with a lot of compliments, happy patrons, and a little cash. It’s true – getting paid to do something you really enjoy doing is something else.

We structured the show so that we’d play 5 songs together, then do a series of solo performances, where Jim performs 2 sessions, Chris performs 2, and I perform 2. Then we rinse and repeat. This allowed us to play a lot of the covers we know as a threesome, and allow us to play some of our more well-known sessions. I for one got to play some of my sessions in the past such as “If You Never Got Sick”, “Waste”, “Delirious Love”, “Spies”, and “Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town” to name a few. This allowed each band member a lot of break time to spend with fans, and drink some needed water.

I also got to sell a physical copy of my album “Greenlight”. Too bad she didn’t ask me for an autograph!

Jeff, Jim, and Chris performing!

Jeff performing “Waste”

The Laptop Sessions Live!

We loved performing together so much, that we’re doing it again! Tomorrow, April 17th at around 9:45 p.m. at George’s II restaurant we are going to perform a short set at Open Mic night. There could easily be a future, paid show on the horizon at the same venue, so stay tuned for that.

It’s funny we’re performing there because it is the same restaurant I worked at in High School. I’m not even sure if the owner knows that i’m going to be in one of the acts. He’ll find out in less than 24 hours if not.

I also wanted to mention I am SO excited about the good things that are happening here at laptopsessions.com, because all of us are beginning to become known on some message boards, our local fan base is increasing, and now we are starting to make a little money on the side as well. It really is a great time to be a part of this.

So if you’re in the Wallingford area tomorrow night, come on down to George’s II restaurant located off exit 65 on Route 15, and we’ll be on in the area of 9:45 p.m. We’re quite possibly playing for 30+ minutes too, so the trip will be worth it!

Two New Music Live Events coming soon!

Well, we promised, and now we can deliver: two live performances coming in the next two weeks!

1. April 2 @ 7:30: Members of MoU and Jeff Copperthite will be headlining the SCSU Open Mic Night at the Lyman Center. Admission is FREE and directions to the campus are on their website HERE!

2. April 12 from 8:30 pm – 12:30 am: Jim, Chris, and Jeff make their first ever live appearance together at Testa’s Restaurant, 26 South Center Street, Southington, CT 06489. No admission or cover charge, but we hope you will come to support the restaurant so they’ll keep inviting us back!

If you live in CT, this is your chance to see the Laptop Sessions LIVE, as Jim, Chris, and Jeff will be performing many of their classic Sessions along with their original songs. Don’t miss out!