The FMP Music Store Is Back Online!

The FMP Music Store is back online after a long hiatus.  We’re definitely still in testing mode, so if you notice something, please contact us.

But, we do know that the store is working again and both physical CDs and downloads are available for purchase right now!

CLICK HERE to visit the FMP Music Store!

New Music from MoU Songwriters – “Homestead’s Revenge” arrives!!

They said it wouldn’t happen. There’s no way the album would ever be released. It was even written about in the newspapers. But, these words of discouragement are what seem to drive Masters of the Universe.

Fast-forward two years to the day since MoU’s first (self-titled) album release.

“Homestead’s Revenge” combines the songwriting skills of all five members along with expert harmonies and instrumentation. The album is nothing less than a polished work of art.

Homestead's Revenge MoU Masters of the Universe album cover

The album is available in two forms: Digital download and physical CD, both for only $9.99!

Click HERE for the Digital mp3 Download version of the 12 track album, complete with full digital book and album artwork.

Click HERE for the physical CD version.


We know you’ll enjoy the album and guarantee it’s the best you’ll hear in 2008! We’d love to hear all comments and if you have any questions, we’ll be happy to answer.