The Best of the Bob Dylan Covers – Playlists on Parade

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By Chris Moore:

With some sources placing Bob Dylan as the #2 most covered artist (behind the Beatles, of course), there are some excellent performances of his songs.

Predominantly, though, there are hundreds and hundreds of inferior versions of his work, ranging from mediocre all the way down to openly offensive.

As a Dylan fan now for over a decade, I have accumulated quite a number of covers.  Folk?  I have it.  Bluesgrass?  Regrettably, yes.  Gospel?  You betcha!  Reggae?  For reals.

Suffice it to say, there’s some utter crap.

I’ve been thinking for weeks now about putting together a playlist of my favorite Dylan covers.  Finally, after coming across a Jimi Hendrix recording of “Tears of Rage” on iTunes today, I sorted through the archives and pieced together eighteen of my favorite recordings.  For those who don’t know me, you should understand that I’m often the guy who will remind you that, “This song was actually written by…” or ask you, “Have you ever heard the original?”  So, for me to say I love these songs means that they’ve truly made the cut for me.

And I hope you’ll enjoy them as well!

The artists are as wide ranging as George Harrison and Beck.  They go back as far as the sixties, with a sampling of classics by the original masters of the Dylan cover the Byrds, and are as recent as the Dead Weather, that super-ish-group co-fronted by Jack White.  In the case of the former, I love the Dylan versions about as much as Roger McGuinn and company’s, but in the case of the latter, a forgettable Street Legal track was revived and successfully reimagined.

There are some that you absolutely must listen to the originals – “Simple Twist of Fate” for one, and “Born in Time” for another (that is, if you find the Bootleg Series version).  There are some that are, frankly, better as covers – I’m thinking of “Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat” here.

So, go explore.  Visit Amazon and iTunes.  Expand your Dylan horizons.  And, most of all, remember why Bob Dylan was, is, and forever shall be the freakin’ man.

1)  “Mr. Tambourine Man” – The Byrds

2)  “Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat” – Beck

3)  “All Along the Watchtower” – Jimi Hendrix

4)  “If Not for You” – George Harrison

5)  “Mama You’ve Been on My Mind / A Fraction of Last Thoughts on Woody Guthrie” – Jack Johnson

6)  “Masters of War” – Pearl Jam

7)  “New Pony” – The Dead Weather

8)  “Simple Twist of Fate” – Jeff Tweedy

9)  “My Back Pages” – The Byrds

10)  “Absolutely Sweet Marie” – George Harrison

11)  “Tears of Rage” – Jimi Hendrix

12)  “I Shall Be Released” – The Band

13)  “Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright” – Eric Clapton

14)  “Mississippi” – Sheryl Crow

15)  “John Wesley Harding” – Wilco

16)  “You Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere” – The Byrds

17)  “Born in Time” – Eric Clapton

18)  “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door” – Warren Zevon

“Hallelujah” (Leonard Cohen/Jeff Buckley cover) [Ep 4, Fall 2011]

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By Maurice Davis:

Maurice Davis singing Jeff Buckley’s version of “Hallelujah,” a song originally composed by Leonard Cohen.

[Editors Note: Recorded with a professional studio, Maurice’s sound quality on this acoustic cover song music video is top notch.  His voice and finger-picking skills clearly make this song a perfect fit for him, and we hope you enjoy these six minutes of peaceful, if somber, music.]

“Everything I Need” (Wallflowers Covers) – Triple Threat Tuesday

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By Jim Fusco:

Welcome to another Triple Threat Tuesday edition of the Laptop Sessions, as Jeff, Chris, and I all bring you this great tune from the Wallflowers- “Everything I Need”.

It’s funny how much I love “Red Letter Days” but never could get into any of their other albums. I love the hooks and the rockin’ sound on that album- I’ll be doing other songs off of it soon including my favorite: “How Good It Can Get”.

We’re going to see the Wallflowers for the first time in a few weeks- check the blog at to read our reviews of the concert!

I did this song in ONE take- which is a very rare occurrence. I’ve always liked how simple this song is, but still incredibly catchy.

I have SO many songs I can’t wait to premiere for everyone, as I’ve been trying to get as many Sessions done as possible so I can continue work on my two new album projects.

These videos are only three in a series of acoustic cover songs here on the Fusco-Moore Productions Blog.

Jeff’s Version is unfortunately no longer on YouTube…but here’s:

Chris’ Version

Video Blog: How Songwriter Jim Fusco Records A Song – Part 4 of a four-part documentary; the “Go Back To Him” Music Video

By Jim Fusco:

Here, in the fourth part of the “How I Record A Song” series, is the completed video for the song I’ve been recording, “Go Back To Him”. This video not only showcases the completed song in a preliminary mix (over headphones), but also shows a little performance on every instrument used in the song. For more of my music and videos, go to!