“Love Sick” (“Time Out of Mind” Cover)

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By Chris Moore:

Hello again, and thanks for tuning in for another all-new Laptop Session! I have the honor of presenting the first video of February, on the first day of our exciting, newly-designed LaptopSessions.com website design theme. Thanks to Jim for really bringing the site to the next level!

I’ve been pretty sick the past couple days, and I’ve barely been making it back and forth between work and sleep. So, when it came time to record today, I couldn’t think of any better song to do than “Love Sick,” the first track off of Bob Dylan’s 1997 album Time Out of Mind. Not only does it have “sick” in the title, but Dylan’s voice is particularly gruff on the album, so my voice is in prime condition. :-)

I’ll definitely be doing more from this album in the future. For now, you can look forward to another great song by Jeff tomorrow!

“Tryin’ To Get To Heaven” (Bob Dylan Cover)

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By Chris Moore:

Welcome to another Laptop Session! I had such a good time recording “Love Sick” for my last post, that I decided to do another song from Bob Dylan’s Time Out of Mind. Ironically, shortly after the album came out, Dylan had a near-death experience after he contracted an infection of some sort. And, oh yes, the headlines followed quickly. “Dylan ‘Tryin’ to Get to Heaven’?” and so forth. They were predictably cheesy, but I suppose the journalists found them irresistible…

Speaking of headlines, it sounds like Jeff and Jim are going to be making headlines soon with Jeff’s new EP and Jim’s album Halfway There. I haven’t written any songs since the summer, and even though I have three other projects I’m finishing off, chipping away at, and envisioning (respectively), I’m going to be very jealous of these projects! In a good way, too — that’s how we writers work, I suppose. Anyway, I wish both of my Laptop Session colleagues the best and offer my services. Jeff: If you need an electrifying guitar solo… definitely go to Jim, that’s definitely out of my league. And Jim: If you need another drummer to mix things up… you can just give Jeff a call, since I’m still on page one of my “Drumming for Idiots” guide. lol Seriously, I’m looking forward to both projects.

Check back in a few days for my next post, and I’ll share some more about my upcoming contribution to the LaptopSessions.com/Fusco-Moore.com UNIVERSE!