Video Editing Services from FMP Studios

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Video Editing

Jim’s Video Editing Services are only $30 an hour- Click HERE to contact us and get your project started today!

Jim’s video editing skills are simply unsurpassed. His musical training has taught him timing, as he can work with long fades or extremely quick cuts. He works with a multitude of programs including Final Cut Pro and Vegas, with professional training in FCP and Casablanca systems.

Jim edits on a Mac and backs-up all of his work on multiple hard drives (including Apple’s Time Capsule server-grade storage), so you’ll never have to worry about losing your work. All editing projects include the final master on DVD, as well as options to convert the final product into ANY computer format imaginable for web or disc distribution.

Jim has been editing videos to be optimized for the web for years. Below are examples of Jim’s highly-popular works on YouTube.

Watch Jim’s entry into the Brian Wilson “Heroes & Villains” music video contest! Notice the timing of the edits with the music and the weaving of the story through many camera angles and takes.

Jim edited this music video in about an hour! Multiple feeds of the same length were synced with the audio, then edited like a live broadcast. Imagine the possibilites!

Get YOUR video project edited professionally at only $30 an hour! Jim works faster and more efficiently while still maintaining the highest levels of quality. Click HERE to contact us and get started!