Musician Jim Fusco Gets His 500th YouTube Subscriber!

Incredible!  It happened by surprise, as Jim Fusco logged-in to his YouTube account and noticed that he had 500 subscribers to his acoustic cover songs and original music videos!  Jim’s looking forward to his next milestone of 250,000 views, which he hopes will come within the next couple of months.

It’s been a great run since Jim started recording his Laptop Sessions acoustic cover songs back in November of 2007.  In less than a year and a half, Jim has rocketed to popularity with his YouTube videos, which he brings to the world on a weekly basis.

His new album, “Halfway There”, is slated for an April 7th release, and more details about the album are coming very soon.

Jim would like to thank all 500 of his loyal subscribers and here’s to 500 more!

Jim Fusco Reaches 400 YouTube Subscribers!

Gotta love a milestone day.  I just predicted it would happen yesterday, as I had 397 subscribers.  Even as I write this now, I’m already up to 404!  Talk about progress- that’s 404 people that took the time to watch one of my videos and decided they needed to be updated every time I post one!  It’s so exciting to think about that, because I’m sure I don’t know anywhere close to 404 people…let alone 404 that ever gave our music the time of day here in CT.  So, I’m very proud of our worldwide success.

I’m looking forward to more milestones in the near future, as these things seem to happen exponentially.  So, we’ll look forward to the next great milestone very soon!