“Is There Anybody Out There?” (Pink Floyd Cover)

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By Jeremy Hammond:

My cover of “Is There Anybody Out There?” by Pink Floyd from The Wall album. I don’t have classical guitar, so I’m playing it on a steel-string.


Is there a better way to close out a long week than to listen to Jeremy’s beautiful rendition of this simple tune from Pink Floyd’s classic album The Wall?

I can’t think of one.

As you listen, you may be thinking back to this legendary concept album, and the significance of this question being asked — is there anybody out there?  As many critics and fans have pointed out, the decision to make this an instrumental clearly suggests that no answer is being given.

We thank Jeremy for highlighting another excellent album track for us, and wish you all a wonderful weekend.  Hopefully, it won’t be spent alone.  (And, if it is, then maybe it’s time to dust off your copy of The Wall!)

“Mother” (Pink Floyd Cover)

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By Jeremy Hammond:

This is my cover of “Mother” by Pink Floyd from the album The Wall. I first recorded the rhythm and vocals, then overlaid another track for the guitar solo.

I had two versions of this up previously. On the first, a commenter suggested I add the solo, so I did. But then watching that second one, and then going back and listening to the original for the first time in ages, I realized I had the timing wrong in two parts. So I redid it yet again. This, my third “Mother” effort for YouTube, is one I am finally happy with.


Jeremy’s session technically breaks the golden rule of “one live take” established since the first Laptop Session over two years ago.  That being said, his version of “Mother” is an excellent performance, and as he explained above, the solo was overdubbed and handled nicely in the video with a fade in and out.  We simply couldn’t deny you the opportunity to hear and see this great version.

Now if only he could clone himself, that would make for quite the duo…

Laptop Sessions contributor Jeff Copperthite first recorded this song in August 2008, and it quickly became one of his most popular and highest rated performances.  Click HERE to watch his version.

Thanks again, Jeremy, for contributing to the Guest Sessions!