Jim Fusco Reaches 400 YouTube Subscribers!

Gotta love a milestone day.  I just predicted it would happen yesterday, as I had 397 subscribers.  Even as I write this now, I’m already up to 404!  Talk about progress- that’s 404 people that took the time to watch one of my videos and decided they needed to be updated every time I post one!  It’s so exciting to think about that, because I’m sure I don’t know anywhere close to 404 people…let alone 404 that ever gave our music the time of day here in CT.  So, I’m very proud of our worldwide success.

I’m looking forward to more milestones in the near future, as these things seem to happen exponentially.  So, we’ll look forward to the next great milestone very soon!

Music Video Blog Milestone: Jim Fusco reaches 300 YouTube subscribers!

Doesn’t it seem like milestones come in bunches?  We can only hope this is the beginning.  With Chris and Jeff nearing 50,000 YouTube views and Jim just over the 100k mark, there seems to be a a trend towards new records and a great success.

Just days after Jim reached the 100k YouTube view plateau, he received his 300th YouTube subscriber.  Actually, last night the count stood at 298 and this morning the number was at 301.  We’d like to formally thank you for the support and Jim can’t wait until he reaches 1000 YouTube subscribers.  It seemed so far out of reach before, but in early May, Jim only had 100 subscribers and now has tripled that in just over four months.  If he triples this number in four months, we should be talking about 900 subscribers by January!

That’s why they started this music video blog.  They knew the possibilities were endless; that there was no ceiling to how many views or subscribers they could get.  And now that the numbers are pouring in, it just makes everyone at the Laptop Sessions want to work harder and achieve even more.

Congrats to Jim on his latest milestone and everyone at the Laptop Sessions can’t wait to see Chris and Jeff reach their next goals, as well!