Video Blog Site Update: A message from Cliff…via his “last” journal entries

Hello everyone. Some bittersweet news today, as the Fusco-Moore suite of websites are finally done (albeit with a few changes still needed)! The bittersweet part? Well, I happened upon my basement and saw Cliff lying in a heap a journal entitled “Diary of a Web Designer”. I thought I would share its final entries with you:

Diary of a Web Designer

Feb 8 2008: Jim sent me his design for the Fusco-Moore Music site. I told him I’d get it working when I had time. What a sap – bought it, hook, line, and sinker.

Feb 21 2008: Jim asked about progress of the site. I told him I was working on it. Back to playing “Portal” for me!

March 7 2008: I woke to a painful head in a darkened room. I’ve been chained to a desk with only this laptop and a bucket. I get periodic feedings via a dirty plate, and after some time, learned that Jim has me hostage to get his damn site done. Honestly, did I really deserve this?

March 12 2008: I’ve lost quite a lot of weight from being down here, but the sites are getting done. According to the news, my family stopped looking for me… 4 days ago. I can’t communicate with them though… Jim has those ports blocked. But I seem to be doing fine. I’m a little itchy, but doing OK.

March 13 2008: I just discovered a huge rash on my foot, and I itch all over badly. It’s hard to get these sites done with the constant itching. Soon… they will be done soon… I hope Jim brings me the ointment he promised for the itching.

March 17 2008: I think Jim forgot about me, because the site is nearing completion, but my rashes have gotten worse. Not only do I itch ridiculously at this point, but also my body is hot and sweaty all the time. I started to scratch one of my rashes, and some rotten flesh fell off. What the hell’s happening to me!?

March 21 2008: Fever gone but itchy. Today hungry and eat trackball.

March 23 2008: Itchy itchy Chris came ugly face so killed him. Tasty.

25 / / Itchy. Tasty.


And that’s how the journal ended. Someone should probably check on Chris… Well, this post should get two points across: get stuff done quickly and don’t become a web developer!



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