Articles on Covers and Original Music by Laptop Sessions Songwriters

Here, you’ll find informative and entertaining articles about the Laptop Sessions acoustic cover songs music video series.

New articles are being added frequently, and you’ll read about who we are, why we do these cover songs, and what to expect next from this video blog. You’ll also read great tutorial articles about how to record a song, how to record a video, how to write a song, and how to go about covering a song. These articles are aimed to help any musician out there by giving great music information and sound advice from three great songwriters: Jim Fusco, Chris Moore, and Jeff Copperthite. You’ll also read guest articles from Becky Daly, a member of the original music band, Masters of the Universe.

Cover songs are tricky to do- when trying to impress fans of the original version, you have to stay true to the song, but also give it your own “flavor”. Here at the Laptop Sessions cover songs video blog, you’ll hear acoustic versions of the best rock songs of all time. These songs are given the correct “cover song treatment” and pay homage to the original, but still remain unique. The Laptop Sessions also offers great original songs, and you’ll read many articles on how we go about writing our original music here on the blog. Great rock music is all here and make sure to check back every day, because there’s always a new song, video, blog post, or article here from The Laptop Sessions!

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