Beatles Cover Songs

The Beatles are one of the only bands in existence that is universally loved.  Sure, there may be some who prefer other bands (the Laptop Sessions acoustic cover songs music video blog’s Jim Fusco prefers the Beach Boys, for example), but there’s no denying: as a rock band, there’s not much better than the Beatles.

Ringo Starr, George Harrison, John Lennon, and Paul McCartney started a revolution (no pun intended to their famous song by the same name) that would bring rock’n’roll back to life in the early 60s.  You see, after Elvis Presley went off to war, rock music sort-of died.  People always thought of rock music as a fad.  So, when the genre’s biggest icon went away from the public eye (and when he came back and made some really cruddy music), rock music did seem all but dead.

There were some still keeping the genre alive, like the aforementioned Beach Boys, but even their pre-1964 sound is more innocent than the early “Shake, Rattle’n’roll” rock songs of the late 50s.  Rock’n’roll was supposed to be about rebellion and to have a raunchy edge to it- that’s why rock music came out of the blues, after all.  Many popular blues numbers back in the early days would probably make today’s rap artists blush just a little bit.

When the Beatles hit the scene, they were still hung up on the rock sounds of guys like Chuck Berry and Little Richard.  And, curiously enough, they were also into guys like Carl Perkins- they loved that American country-twanged sound.  So, when the Beatles started gaining popularity by putting a rock spin on different musical inspirations, people took notice.

It wasn’t long before the Beatles were so popular that people started covering their songs. Beatles cover songs popped up all over the place.  Don’t believe me?  The Beatles’ “Yesterday” is known as the most covered song of all time!  I guess when you pair two amazing songwriters like John Lennon and Paul McCartney together, you’re bound to amass a collection of songs that would inspire other artists to record them.  Even the Beatles song “Something”, written by lead guitarist George Harrison, has been a popular cover song for many artists, though few ever come close to matching the original recorded version off of the “Abbey Road” album.

Here at the Laptop Sessions acoustic cover songs music video blog, we handle Beatles cover songs a bit differently than most other music blogs.  (Wait, are there any other music blogs out there that really matter?)  Jim Fusco’s main goal for the Laptop Sessions (which ironically started with a cover version of a Beatles classic, “Let It Be”) was to “put an end to bad YouTube cover videos forever.”  Since 2007, that’s been the mantra for the entire video blog.

Doing these Beatles cover songs acoustically (solo performances) allowed the Laptop Sessions singers and songwriters to strip away the production from the original records and just present a unique take on the song itself- and not the production of the original studio track.

So, why not give a listen to all of the Beatles cover songs here on the music video blog?  Click here to listen to all of the Beatles Cover Songs here on the Laptop Sessions acoustic cover songs music video blog!

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