Best Albums of 2012: A Weekend Review Special Edition

By Chris Moore:




I ask myself year to year why I continue to make “best music of the year” lists.  The only answer that I consistently return with is that watching the Grammys and reading Rolling Stone, I observe that the best music being made each year is not properly represented on the screen and in the pages of the mainstream.  Thus, this is my small gesture of thanks to those who, year in and year out, continue to entertain me as a listener, inspire me as a singer/songwriter, and enrich my experience as a human being.  Below, you’ll find my picks for the top twenty albums of 2012.  If you’ve missed any, I hope you’ll consider checking them out.  As always, I’d love to hear your feedback or additions you would make to this list, so please consider adding to the conversation below.  After all, what greater joy is there than engaging in debate and sharing in the admiration of our favorite music?   


1)  That’s Why God Made the Radio – The Beach Boys

2)  The Sound of the Life of the Mind – Ben Folds Five

3)  Tempest – Bob Dylan

4)  Magic Hour – Scissor Sisters

5)  Moms – Menomena

6)  The Idler Wheel… – Fiona Apple

7)  Glad All Over – The Wallflowers

8)  Safe Travels – Jukebox the Ghost

9)  Those Around Us – Jim Fusco

10) Go Fly A Kite – Ben Kweller


11) Harakiri – Serj Tankian

12) Ten Stories – mewithoutYou

13) King Animal – Soundgarden

14) Port of Morrow – The Shins

15) Blunderbuss – Jack White

16) Rize of the Fenix – Tenacious D

17) Rooms Filled With Light – Fanfarlo

18) II – Bad Books

19) The Next Logical Progression – Gift of Gab

20) Sounds from Nowheresville – The Ting Tings


Honorable Mention:

Old Ideas – Leonard Cohen

Clear Heart Full Eyes – Craig Finn

The Circle in the Square – Flobots

thefearofmissingout – thenewno2

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