“Bulletproof…I wish I was” (Radiohead Cover)

By Jeff Copperthite:

Good evening to you!  I hope this evening finds you well and happy.  I’m bringing another familiar band (for me) for today’s session, and matter of fact, a familiar album.

Even though I love the more recent albums from Radiohead, I just can’t seem to find a song that would make a good acoustic cover outside of the songs I know on “The Bends”.  I’ve covered three from that album, and this song marks the fourth i’ve covered.  This could possibly be the most covered album on the sessions!

The song I have chosen is not a single on the album, and the song itself is known for it’s “spacy” feel.  The song is “Bulletproof…I wish I was” which I love for the Bb6 chord that is played at the end of the chorus.

I’m not saying I’m tired of covering this album, but if you think there’s a Radiohead song from another album that would make a good acoustic cover, please request it.  I’m seriously lost on what else I could cover from this band.

I also make no claim to sound like Thom Yorke, and if you’re reading this chances are you are not a person who watches an acoustic cover of a video expecting it to sound exactly the same.  And if it doesn’t, then the video is subpar.  We do quality covers on this site, and as long as you expect a cover, you will be a happy viewer.

Sorry, had to rant a bit – I haven’t historically gotten very positive comments on Youtube about my Radiohead covers in the past.

Well anyway, I think this is my best of the four songs from this album.  I hope you agree!

Tomorrow I can’t wait to see what Jim has in store for his original song.  I’ll be back to watch, and I know you will be too!

Editor’s Note: Unfortunately, Jeff’s acoustic cover song music videos are no longer on YouTube, but we decided to keep his cover song blog posts up.  We figured these music blog entries would be good for posterity’s sake and because Jeff always gave such insightful posts each Session.  We hope to see Jeff’s impressive catalog of acoustic rock songs here on the Laptop Sessions cover songs and original music blog again in the future.  But, for now, please make sure to check-out hundreds of other acoustic cover songs from all of your favorite bands here on the Laptop Sessions music blog!

This is one in a series of acoustic cover songs, original music, and free mp3 downloads here on the Laptop Sessions Music Video Blog.

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