But a delay? Make it a delay and a preview…

By Chris Moore:

Well, I let the day get away from me, so it looks like I’ll be presenting a Weekend Review double-header next week.  At long last, I’ll write my review of the Barenaked Ladies’ All In Good Time, as well as a second album to be determined at a later date.  I didn’t want to rush this one, and I think you’ll see why when you read my review next weekend.

As a side note, I achieved my spring break goal this afternoon.  As of today, I’ve finished writing all the songs for the album I’m looking forward to recording this summer.  I spent the week recording acoustic demos of the songs as I finished them, except for the four tracks that I recorded more complete demos of.  As of right now, the album is titled simply The 2010 Project in my iTunes, but that will obviously change eventually.  This feels like the right timing, as this year marks a full four years since my last release, the Love Out of Fashion EP.  This time around, I’m working with drum loops, and I’m in the process of researching guitar pedals and USB microphones to make my recordings sound as good as they possibly can, even though my entire studio is operated off a laptop.

I’ve already previewed the four full production demos through my Twitter account — http://twitter.com/chrismooremusic — even though they are extremely rough sketches of what the final products will be.  The acoustic demos are more for my use than anything, helping me figure out sequencing and other aspects of the songs and the album as a whole.  Starting soon, I plan to record Original Wednesday Laptop Sessions a bit more regularly, previewing the songs as I’m working on the album.

As a final preview, here’s the tentative track listing.  I say tentative, but I feel pretty good about it, especially after listening to the demo album several times through.

1 ) “No Lights, No Sound”

2 ) “I Would Prefer Not To”

3 ) “Socrates’ Gulps”

4 ) “No More”

5 ) “Work Time, Get in Line”

6 ) “Goodbye, So Long”

7 ) “Threshold”

8 ) “The Best Reason I Wake Up”

9 ) “Piles of Love Letters”

10) “One”

11) “Vows and Changes”

12) “I, Professional Hoop Jumper”

13) “The Old Home Departure Song”

That’s just a taste for now; I hope you’ll tune in for more in the coming months, especially during the summer months.  Don’t forget to tune in tomorrow for an all-new post (I promise! 🙂 ) and then again next week for a Weekend Review double header on Saturday and Sunday.

This is one in a series of acoustic cover songs, original music, and free mp3 downloads here on the Laptop Sessions Music Video Blog.

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