Belle and Sebastian’s “Write About Love” (2010) – YES, NO, MAYBE SO?

Belle and Sebastian’s Write About Love (2010) – MAYBE NOT

Write About Love (Belle and Sebastian, 2010)

Write About Love (Belle and Sebastian, 2010)

(October 11, 2010)


Belle and Sebastian have certainly made their niche in the middle ground between indie pop quirkiness and sixties quasi-nostalgia — and no one should dispute that they make beautiful music on Write About Love — but too much of it simply fails to get off the ground.

Top Two Tracks:

“Come On Sister” & “I Can See Your Future”

“Winter Wooskie” (Belle & Sebastian Cover)

By Rodrigo Palhano:

Greetings from Brazil.


I’m happy to welcome not only a new band but also a new performer to the best acoustic cover song music blog in the universe.   Today’s Guest Session reaches deep into Belle & Sebastian’s catalog to a b-side on their “Legal Man” single.  When it was released in 2000, it quickly became their highest charting single up to that point, so fans of the band are likely to remember “Winter Wooskie.”

If not, here’s your reminder…

Seeing as how we have no Belle & Sebastian covers here on the Laptop Sessions blog, I probably would have featured Rodrigo’s video if it had been halfway decent.  I was thrilled to find that it was not only decent, but an outstanding performance of this song.  There is a natural reverb effect on his acoustic guitar that adds a beautiful texture to his recording, and his vocal is strong and fitting for the track.

Thus, without further ado, I give you Rodrigo Palhano’s first featured video on the site.  I know I enjoyed it, and I hope you will, too!