“Turn the Page” (Bob Seger Cover)

For Bob Seger chords, CLICK HERE!

By Chris Moore:

Hello, all, and welcome to a little thing we like to call Chris Moore Monday!  I must admit, it’s weird, but pretty cool to have a day assigned to you.  It wasn’t so cool when I came home tired and not feeling all that well from work today and realized that it was, indeed, my day to post a video.

But, I did what any of us here at the Laptop Sessions would do — I took a deep breath, glanced at our list of bands that have yet to be covered, and started practicing.

Today, I bring you Bob Seger’s “Turn the Page.”  Listening to the songs from his greatest hits tonight really brought back some memories for me.  My father had a Bob Seger greatest hits cassette tape and played it often when I was younger.  Songs like “Roll Me Away,” “Night Moves,” and “Mainstreet” really take me back.  I love these songs; they may not be my favorites of all time, but they’re great fun to listen to.

And I learned tonight that another song I’ve always liked — “Turn the Page” — was actually covered by Metallica.  I found their music video online; it’s an interesting one, to say the least.  I really did like the Metallica version, but I of course enjoy Seger’s original version the most.

I hope you like my video — if nothing else, I hope I’ve been able to remind you of one more artist and one more song that you may have forgotten in the crazy rush that is everyday life and modern radio.

That’s it for me.  I’m off to fall asleep to the sounds of Golden Smog, a band I will cover soon for the blog.  However, I need to wait on that for a while and record some more well-known artists (such as Bob Seger).  After all, I’m still making up for last week’s Chris Moore Monday choice of the 70’s band Big Star.

WHO?  I know; that was my reaction, too.  But they’re great!

Don’t forget to hurry back for another amazing cover song music video on Jim Fusco Tuesday at the Laptop Sessions music blog…

See you next session!