“Come See About Me” (Diana Ross & the Supremes Cover)

By Jim Fusco:

Welcome to your “Thumpin’ Thursday ™®©” video with me, the “special character using” Jim Fusco!

Tonight, I continue Chris’ trend of female vocalists with a song from yet another “new” artist to the series: Diana Ross and the Sumpremes!  I hope Jeff will follow with another woman-sung song this weekend.  Will he come through?  Hey, I’m sure he never thought I’d actually use the special symbols for Thumpin’ Thursday!

Diana Ross and the Sumpremes had so many hits- and listening back to them, there were quite a few that I really loved growing up.  She had such a great voice in the 60s.  I usually find something I don’t like about women’s voices (ie, the INCREDIBLY annoying voices of Tegan and Sarah), but Diana Ross actually sits in the very exclusive category of women singers I like, which also incudes Brian Wilson’s daughters, Carnie and Wendy.

And, yes, I’m keeping the streak alive: not only have I done every single Laptop Sessions video in the original key, I’ve also done each video in the original OCTAVE, too!  For this reason, I think this video came out especially great- one take, and a chance to really falsetto-it-up.  I think it’s a really natural performance, too, which helps.  That makes two videos in a row that I’m especially proud of.

I never thought I would do a song from Diana Ross, but I’ve always found that the best videos (and the ones that get us the most YouTube hits) are the ones where we take a song and really make it our own.  No one would ever expect me to bust out a Motown hit from a 60s female singer.  But, I did it and I’m proud of it!

Now, as a final note- I’ll be posting on Sunday for the start of the week, but my Original Wednesday song will be the first one after the big presidential election Tuesday night.  I’m so anxious/nervous/hopeful and I’m looking forward to posting a video knowing who our next President will be.  So, we’ll see what happens.  I hope you have a good night and a great Halloween.  Maybe Chris will sing a Cher song or something truly scary to match his equally scary choice of a Tegan and Sarah song two days ago! 🙂