“Days Go By” (Dirty Vegas cover) – The Guest Sessions

Welcome, everyone, to a new edition of The Guest Sessions here on the Laptop Sessions acoustic cover songs music video blog. Today’s video is from yet another band that I never even heard of before seeing this Guest Sessions submission. It’s a trio group called Dirty Vegas. I think that’s pretty funny because, well, have you been to Vegas? No, I’m just kidding- I actually LOVE Las Vegas and think it gets a bad rep. It’s actually a pretty awesome place and it’s not really dirty at all, considering how many people are there year-round!

No, the funny part to me is that the band Dirty Vegas is actually from England! That’s right. I’m thinking of coming up with a band called “Dirty Liverpool” to make up for it. 🙂

I received today’s Guest Session cover song music video submission from a man named Rob Nakai, who goes by “HolidayRob” on YouTube. He is a very talented guitar and singer- I checked out a few of his videos online while browsing his YouTube page. I decided to feature this video first, as the quality of the video itself was superior to some earlier videos.

The song is called “Days Go By”, and no, children of the 90s- this isn’t the theme song to “Family Matters”. I know you’re disappointed. But, give this song a shot- I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised! Congrats to HolidayRob for making the Guest Sessions this week on the best cover song music blog on the internet: the Laptop Sessions!