“Listen to the Music” (Doobie Brothers Cover)

By Jim Fusco:

They said it couldn’t be done!  But, here I am, covering yet another “new” band to the Laptop Sessions and one that has two Number One hit singles to its credit: The Doobie Brothers!

No, I didn’t do one of their Number Ones, but this song was a huge hit itself.  “Listen to the Music” is a classic rock masterpiece.  I love how catchy this song is.  There was a time a few years ago when I couldn’t get enough of the Doobies.  If we started doing the Laptop Sessions music blog back then, the Doobie Brothers would’ve been the first band I c0vered.  Alas, it wasn’t meant to be.

I always felt bad for the writer of this song, Tom Johnston.  You see, his fellow bandmates Pat Simmons and (later) Michael McDonald both scored Number One hit singles with their songs “Black Water” and “What A Fool Believes”, respectively.  But, even though Johnston had a bunch of hits himself (this one, “China Grove”, “Rockin’ Down the Highway”), he never got a Number One.  But, I keep the popularity of this song alive here tonight on Jim Fusco Tuesdays!

On a personal note, tomorrow night, I turn 25 years old.  A quarter century.  I’ve always loved birthdays, though.  I’m still a kid, really- I collect baseball cards and still force all my friends to go out and play baseball with me.  I’ve grown up in so many ways that it seems my childish side tries to find ways out.  Lately, it’s been indulging in things I love, like going on day trips and video games.  I just think I’ll always be a kid at heart- I can’t imagine these urges to always buy and try something new will go away anytime soon.  So, I’m not sad about hitting the quarter-century mark.  I like things the way they are now and can only hope they last for a good long time.

Of course, I’m very tired, so I think I’ll leave it at that tonight.  In the future, I’ll be doing more Doobie Brothers songs and, of course, bringing you many more bands in which you’ll say, “Wow, I can’t believe they haven’t done a song from that band yet!”  Until next week (as Chris has already called Original Wednesday for this week), have a great one and enjoy tonight’s acoustic cover song music video!