“Where I Find My Heaven” (Gigolo Aunts Cover)

By Jim Fusco:

Not feeling too well tonight (cold), so I’ll keep this a bit shorter.

Tonight, I bring you a great song from a true One Hit Wonder- the Gigolo Aunts!  This band is still playing today- they’re really popular overseas, in Spain, I believe.

You might recognize this song- it was a big hit in 1994.  I know my close friends and relatives will recognize this song instantly, as it was featured in the film (and soundtrack to) Dumb and Dumber.  I love that movie so much and the soundtrack is a great one.  You should really try to find it, if it’s still available anywhere.

This is a high-energy song that has a nice tune and just sounds like a solid mid-nineties rock single.  And isn’t it funny that Chris would do an older song yesterday and I would answer back with a 90s song tonight?  It wasn’t even planned!

Actually, my brother Mike is into the Gigolo Aunts now because it turns out that they’re BIG Dennis Wilson (from the Beach Boys) fans.  They even named their most recent album “Pacific Ocean Blues”, after Dennis Wilson’s “Pacific Ocean Blue” from the seventies.  I haven’t heard the Aunts’ album yet, but Mike tells me it’s great.  Once I get out of my big radio show listening kick, I’ll have to give that album a few spins.

And yes, tonight, I bring to you yet another new artist to the Laptop Sessions acoustic cover (and original) songs music video blog.  You kow, there is now a new Laptop Sessions fan every six minutes of every day?!?!  That’s incredible.  I won’t stop promoting (or encouraging the guys to help promote) until we see a visitor a minute here on the site.  I know it’s possible because just a couple months ago, we would’ve laughed at the notion of seeing up to 322 views a day!  Thanks to everyone for the support and I hope you’ll root for me to get better soon.  I’m going on a trip this weekend- I’m glad the sickness happened now instead of then.  I hope to blog about the trip while I’m there, so stay tuned!  Until then, I hope you’ll look forward to the posts on the blog by Chris and Jeff!