The Weekend Review: December 2012 Report

By Chris Moore:


Almeria (Lifehouse)

Producer: Jude Cole

Released: December 11, 2012

Rating:  3.5 / 5 stars

Top Two Tracks: “Gotta Be Tonight” & “Right Back Home”

For a band that I have accused in the past of being derivative of itself, I picked up this album with some hesitance.  To be honest, I haven’t heard an album from Lifehouse that I truly loved and respected since 2002’s Stanley Climbfall.  That being said, Almeria is a welcome surprise.  At every turn, it is an energetic return and it features a dynamic sequence of tracks.  From the extremes of the modern-sounding yet carefully-paced seriousness of “Between the Raindrops” to the bluesy throwback sound of “Right Back Home” and so many stops between, Lifehouse seems to delight in showing off their range.  “Gotta Be Tonight” bubbles with potential as it stomps away as the opener, and it is followed by highlights such as the catchy, fittingly cyclical “Nobody Listen” and the nearly-Beatles-esque “Lady Day.”  All in all, Almeria is a notable effort from Lifehouse and one whose diversity should bring listeners back for more across many listens.