“Brandy (You’re a Fine Girl)” (Looking Glass cover)

By Jim Fusco:

Another Tuesday, another Jim Fusco cover song, another new band to the Laptop Sessions acoustic cover songs series, and yet another One-Hit-Wonder here in “Looking Glass” with their hti song, “Brandy (You’re a Fine Girl)”.

Big points to anyone who knew the name of the band that did this song.  My roommate Dana yelled down, “You’re doing Looking Glass?”  I was shocked.  Turned out it’s one of his favorite songs.  I’ve known this song by hearing it on the radio over the years and decided it would be a great one to cover for the music blog.  I mean, it’s a catchy tune and tells an interesting story of a woman that everyone loves, but can never land the man she wants.  Why?  Because he’s a sailor.  And a sailor’s love is the sea- first, foremost, and absolutely.

It’s funny the learning curve I have when doing these videos.  I start off thinking I’m not going to get it.  Then, it just comes to me and all of a sudden, I can play the whole song.  The problem with these songs lately is the lyrics, as I’ve only heard them here and there on the radio and don’t know them all.  So, I get all nervous and then sit down to do my takes.  The first one or two takes are great- I make it almost all the way through the song and just mess up a little thing and decide to start over.  Then, the floodgates open.  I must’ve done 20 takes of this song- screwing up words like, “Harbor town” and “Western port”- I would switch them around and then the next lines wouldn’t rhyme.  Ugh.

So, every Laptop Sessions session ends up in anger for me.  Hope I don’t show it on the videos! 🙂

Now, last week, I promised I’d show you my brand new 12-string electric guitar.  I was also going to show off my new lap steel guitar.  Well, I’ve got one better for you- I’m going to start (hopefully very soon) a new YouTube series called “Jim’s Guitars”.  This series will have me showing all of my guitars, why I have them, and how I use them all in a unique way.  It’s finally a chance to get my guitars off the wall and out there for everyone to see.  I love these things and hope to have quite the collection as life goes on.  But, I think for now, I’ve resigned myself to buy them based on practicality rather than just looks.  I mean, there were a few great looking guitars I really liked, but I decided to go with the 12-string electric because it’s so different and opens up a new world of sounds to me in the studio.  Plus, since my parents got me the lap steel guitar for my birthday, I have a great new way to play solos and add some of that wonderful twang to some songs.  I love it in the Beach Boys’ song, ‘Hold On Dear Brother” from “Carl and the Passions, ‘So Tough'”.

So, stay tuned for this new series.  I really want to do it right- I’m hoping to do it in HD…but I need an HD camera first.  Maybe one of those little ones that are under a hundred bucks.  How bad can they be?  At least for this kind of work, it might be worth it.

I hope you enjoy tonight’s cover song music video and stay tuned for more later this week from our own Jeff Copperthite- he’s sure to please!  And congrats, Jeff!!