“Can’t You See” (Marshall Tucker Band Cover)

By Jim Fusco:

I got into this song for a couple of reasons.  My father always liked this song, but one of my favorite teachers, Mr. Hill, enjoyed this tune, as well.  I am happy to bring this song to the Laptop Sessions cover song video series tonight because it’s become one of those favorites that conjures up an, “Oh, man, turn it UP!”

I’m pinch-hitting for Jeff today and Chris will be taking my place tomorrow. Sounds confusing, eh? Well, it all means that I’ll be back for the start of my Original Wednesday week on Sunday and Jeff will have to do Friday and Saturday himself. Actually, he’ll probably be doing an Original Friday instead!

“Can’t You See” by the Marshall Tucker Band is, in my opinion, one of the greatest three-chord songs ever written. I’m almost embarrassed to play such a simple song here on The Laptop Sessions, because songs I normally play require hours and hours of learning and practice. This song was a two-take job, however, because I hadn’t quite thought-out the ending where the backgrounds keep singing, “Can’t You See” and the lead sings the first verse over again. I got flustered on the first take of this cover video and flubbed the first verse. I think it came out, “Gonna take a freight train, all the way to Georgia now, don’t care where it goes.” Hmmm, I have an idea- maybe….Georgia!!! 🙂 So, that take was ruined.

The song I’ll be posting for you next is also a three chord song, essentially, so I guess I got off easy this week. But, this adds yet ANOTHER new band to the Laptop Sessions cover and original song series, so I hope the trend continues. That is, if Chris doesn’t have anymore meetings that force us to delve deeper into the Bob Dylan back-catalog. You know, I was just thinking- I haven’t done a Beach Boys song in a long while. I have a few ready to record, but I just have so many other songs that I want to explore that it seems like a cop-out to record another Beach Boys song. Well, that’s the thing about the Laptop Sessions: as a musician who does all of these acoustic cover videos, I have to make a decision between doing songs that I love and songs that will help us get more eyes on the website. Thankfully Chris and Jeff take some of the newer bands, as I’m trying to round-up every last band from the 60s and 70s I can. See you on Sunday, as I get another break for a few days!