Rooney’s “Eureka” (2010) – Yes, No, or Maybe So

Rooney’s Eureka (2010) – MAYBE NOT

By Chris Moore:

Rooney's "Eureka" (2010)

Rooney's "Eureka" (2010)

(June 8, 2010)


Eureka may be in the running for the best album cover of the year, but be advised: be prepared to vomit in your mouth at the “Promised Land” line that ruins the otherwise wonderful “I Can’t Get Enough,” try not to laugh at songs (like “The Hunch” or “Not In My House”) that sound like they could have been in the charts alongside Billy Squier’s “The Stroke,” and if you want to hear a Tom Petty song, don’t settle for imitations like “You’re What I’m Looking For” — at least sample some of the real thing on this year’s Mojo; it isn’t so much that Eureka is bad — in fact, it’s quite enjoyable at times — but rather that it is populated by so many nearly great, yet ultimately forgettable tracks.

Top Two Tracks:

“Go On” & “Holdin’ On”