“Someday” (Sugar Ray Cover)

By Chris Moore:

Hello and welcome to your Columbus Day offering from the best acoustic cover song blog in the universe!  For all you loyal Laptop Sessions surfers, I’m taking you back to the late nineties, a time of great musical awakening for me.  As I’ve mentioned before, I went through an oftentimes embarrassing phase of musical exploration that took me from sixties rock to then-contemporary nineties alternative rock, and everything in between.  Nearly a decade later, I’m still very interested in sixties rock and nineties rock band, but it’s the aforementioned “everything in between” that’s embarrassing.  I’m talking disco, eighties dance tracks, and some really cheesy soundtracks.

Oh, I tried it all…

But that’s not what I’m bringing you tonight.  Rather, I’m bringing you a new band to the music blog, a band that found mid-nineties success with their Billboard Hot 100 #1 “Fly” — Sugar Ray!  I remember buying their third album, 14:59, for the songs “Every Morning” and “Someday.”  And I never really understood the title of the album, but I just read the Wikipedia post about the band tonight and found out.  And now I’ll share… isn’t that the beauty of these posts?

Apparently, critics suggested that Sugar Ray would be a one-hit wonder after “Fly,” and that they would never have success again.  As a tongue-in-cheek response, Mark McGrath and the boys of Sugar Ray titled their album 14:59 to refer to the fact that their “fifteen minutes of fame” were not up quite yet.  And right they were!  “Every Morning” was a #3 hit and “Someday,” the song that I recorded for tonight’s Laptop Session, reached #7 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts.  This song really took me back, and it is actually one of the reasons that I chose another turn-of-the-millennium track for my next music video, namely John Mellencamp’s “Your Life is Now.”

So, can you believe it?  I’m on track for three new bands in a row by Thursday.  And it’s a good thing that I have my John Mellencamp video recorded and ready to go, since I don’t want to miss a moment of the post-Bound for Glory TNA Impact!  They really “crossed the line” and “sacrificed” their safety and well-being to bring the fans a “respect”-able Pay-Per-View on Sunday…  (If you watch TNA, then I hope you enjoyed those quoted keywords…)

Well, that’s all for me for now.  I look forward to possibly seeing you again on Thursday, after you’ve hurried back for Jeff’s Tuesday session and been amazed and inspired by the musical stylings of Jim Fusco on Wednesday (and NO I am NOT trying to suck up to Jim because he spent a half hour talking about my upcoming album tonight, which he will be producing and maybe even writing for!!).

(Okay, maybe it is…)

See you next session!