“And She Was” (Talking Heads Cover)

By Jeff:

Site Curator notice: Amazing look back at the description and video here.  Still fun to read back at these things over 4 years later.  I actually use this album as “detention music” when students are silly enough to receive detention from me.

And now after yet another possible power outage (just some flickering lights today, despite the 30 minute long tornado warning), I get to bring you my “originally intended for Thumpin’ Thursday video”, which we’ll call “It sucks when the *#%@in power goes out Friday”.

And for ISWTFPGOF (which I will NOT be typing again – either in abbreviated or standard form), I bring you a new band for the site.  It’s amazing that we haven’t thought to do a song by this awesome band – The Talking Heads.  One of my favorite bands from the 80s (aka my childhood of watching MTV videos), I bring you a song from their album “Little Creatures” called “And She Was”.

I think David Byrne is another person that I can sing similar too.  This is an awesome song that goes along with some of their other more well-known hits (which I am considering doing for next week as well).  While a bit on the short side (for one of my videos), it is a fun song to play and sing.

The summer time has afforded me a bit of free time, but that will still be hard to find all summer.  I have two weeks of training in July, a week vacation in mid-August, and in general a summer of preparation.  For many things.

I hope you enjoy tonight’s video – even if it’s a day late.  Seeya in 6 days!