“Walk Away Renee” (The Left Banke and/or Four Tops Cover)

Welcome, everyone to yet another Laptop Session with me, Jim Fusco.

I”m back with a real video tonight (not a swerve like my genius move last week!) in a classic song: “Walk Away Renee”.  Plus, I bring you not one, but TWO new artists in one video, in one night!!!  Tell me, has that ever been done before?

You know this tune: “Just walk away, Renee, you won’t see me follow you back home.”

Now, think of who sings it.  I thought about it myself and remembered that the version I have is from the Four Tops.  And it sounds right- I know I’ve heard it on the radio before.

Except there’s something wrong.  Two things, in fact.

The version I remember had strings in the background (violins, etc.) and the chorus was sung differently.  In the Four Tops version, the background singers sing the “you won’t see me follow you back home” in a very “on the beat” manner.

The version I remember sang it the way I do in this video- with a little more relaxed style.  You’ll hear what I mean.

So, I began searching- what version did I know?  I found a couple of promising ones, but none that were exactly what I remembered.

Finally, a search in the iTunes store brought me to a group called The Left Banke.  They were a one (or possibly two) hit wonder back in the late 60s.  Their hit?  “Walk Away Renee”- the version I’ve always known!!

But, over the years, I seem to have merged the Left Banke version and the Four Tops version in my head.  The Left Banke version doesn’t have drums or that classic Motown backing band, but has the strings.  And I hear the Left Banke singer’s lead vocal on the verses in my head, but the Four Tops lead singer on the choruses…but he’s singing in the STYLE of the Left Banke guy!


Anyway, tonight’s video turned out great- probably one of my most solid overall performances.  It’s a great song I’ve always known by just hearing it on the radio, but it only took me one take on video tonight.  When that happens, you know you “got it.”

It’s been some busy times lately, but Dana and I are getting more and more determined each night.  We’re trying to lose a little weight, eat better, exercise, and get a lot of work done.  It’s nice to have someone here that helps me achieve these goals, because Lord knows I couldn’t motivate myself all the time.

So, until next week, enjoy my video tonight and Jeff’s video on Thursday.  I hope Chris will take a more prominent role in the Laptop Sessions promotions work now that he’s out of school for the summer.  Also, he’s going to be away and then he’s moving out (and on) after that.  Hopefully he’ll channel some of his new found “not around Jim” time towards promoting the cover songs music video blog that we affectionately call The Laptop Sessions.  Until next Tuesday!!