“Hey Santa” by Jim & Becky Fusco – FREE mp3 Download! – Day 6 of 14

By Jim Fusco:

Hello again and welcome to Day 6!  It’s duet time, as I finally got my wife Becky to sing a song with me.  Actually, she’s been bugging me to do “Hey Santa” for the Laptop Sessions for a while now.  I was ready to record a video for it last year, but then I got sick and I couldn’t hit the notes.  Even though Carnie Wilson makes her lower harmony sound so smooth and easy, let me tell you- it’s not so easy for a guy!  It think I gained an appreciation for how much range Carnie and Wendy Wilson have.  Of course, being the daughters of the great Brian Wilson gave them a pretty good start!

I remember not loving this song when I was little (and not making the Beach Boys connection), but then I grew to really like it over the years.  Now, it’s overplayed on the radio, but I don’t even mind because the ending features their uncle Carl Wilson’s vocals.  Always nice to give Carl a nod.

Becky and I had fun doing this tune, but it wasn’t without its difficulties.  I realized after recording all of the instruments that it was a lot faster than the original, plus I forgot about the key change after the solo!  So, that required some creative re-recording.

We hope you like our rendition!  Come back tomorrow as we round-out the first week of free Christmas songs here on the Laptop Sessions music blog!