“How’s It Going To Be” (Third Eye Blind Cover)

By Chris Moore:

Hello and welcome to another Laptop Session, your source for quality acoustic cover songs! I’ve been taking it easy this past week, recording songs that I know and love, from bands I’m very comfortable with, such as the Band and Bob Dylan. This week, however, I’m endeavoring to expand my range a bit, and I think I have. I have a busy week coming up, as it’s the last week of school before summer, and there’s papers and exams a-plenty to be graded. To compensate for that, I recorded my three video blog entries today, which will cover me for today, Original Wednesday (when we songwriters get to showcase our own material!), and next Saturday.

My contribution to the Laptop Sessions cover songs blog is “How’s It Going To Be,” one of the singles from the same Third Eye Blind album that boasted their hit “Semi-Charmed Life.” This is a great song and very much conducive to being translated acoustically for this session. It was a fun experience, as I don’t think I’d ever fully grasped what the words to the verses were! But, I broke out my copy of the album — yay for buying physical copies rather than digital downloads! — and consulted the booklet, and I was in business.

This is the best way to record a cover song, in my personal opinion — unless you have an incredibly reliable memory for these things, like Jim “iPod for a brain” Fusco. Go to the original and play along, check your chords and tune, and then go off on your own. It was a bit challenging, as the chorus is different each time it’s played, not to mention that there’s a middle part that is practically shouted on the studio recording. I did the best I could with it, and I’m pretty happy with the outcome. To be truthful, there is one flubbed line by yours truly in the middle, but the middle is difficult to understand to begin with AND the words for that part are excluded from the lyrics section of the booklet! Not cool…

Well, I’m back to grading papers after having a fairly enjoyable couple hours here recording songs for the week. I can’t wait for my Original Wednesday, when I will play a song from my very first album working with a band, and Saturday will bring an artist that I have not covered before, but Jeff and/or Jim has. Any guesses?

Don’t forget to check back tomorrow for an all-new and excellent Laptop Session from Jeff…

See you next session!