“I Think We’re Alone Now” (Tommy James and the Shondells Cover)

Hey there!  So I haven’t posted in awhile and I wanted to put on a great tune that I’d been meaning to learn how to play for awhile (and I did, and it’s easy!)   This Tommy James and The Shondells song is a classic, and when you listen to the actual recording, you can see how ahead of its time the production is.

And to me, the message is simple and in which I can easily relate.  You have two people in love, running around together, almost as if they’re trying to escape getting old and time itself.  And that’s what love makes you feel…like you’ll always be young and always be happy.  Ive had conversations even with family where people have said how rare it is for two people to have that… seem like they get each other so well, and the rest of the world is left out of whatever inside joke is going on between them.  That’s what this song, to me, is about…When you’re with the one you’re meant to be with, you are the BEST version of yourself.  You are stronger because of them, more creative, and in the busy world, you sometimes can’t remember who you truly are unless you get back there again.

And then you find yourself saying with a sigh of relief…”I think we’re alone now”.. =)

And for those guitar players out there, without going into the full layout of the song, the chords are A, C#m, f#m, E for the verse, c#m and A G E for the bridge, and the chorus is A, E, D, A.  So go try it out!

Or just listen and enjoy my version instead!  And as a birthday present to me, (this coming monday!), you should leave me some good ratings/comment