“Shine” by Trey Anastasio Chords, Lyrics, and How to Play: Ask the Musician

By Jim Fusco:

Welcome back again for another edition of “Ask the Musician” with me, Jim Fusco!  Tonight, I answer Meagan’s question, who posted on my cover song music video of “Shine” by Trey Anastasio.  Meaghan left a cool message here on the blog, so I had to type out the chords to this great tune for her.


Trey Anastasio

Intro: C         Dsus2        A

A                            Em
You know, all of you know
D                        A
To grow, what to feel
A                     Em
And so, follow me low
D                      A
You are what you lean on
A                            Em

Come out of the cold
D                A
And drift, into water

E               D
A                                   G
And the light shines on
D           A
While we all ride on
A                         G
When the days come and gone
D                A
You know we all ride on

Post-chorus:        C              Dsus2            A

Lines thicker than ground
You surf and its real
To soar over and down
To bend and to breathe on


C              Dsus2
Through water when
C            Dsus2
We are falling
C                                Dsus2
The sounds of bells are ringing out
We’ll ride on

C             Dsus2
Slipped over
C              Dsus2
The blue lighting
C                            Dsus2
Springs alive to circle down

E               D


“Shine” (Trey Anastasio Cover)

By Jim Fusco:

Hey HEY!  Welcome to your Friday night Laptop Sessions fix here with me, Jim Fusco!  I simply can’t believe it’s my night again…  Now, I’m going to be going away this weekend for another overnight trip.  The last time I did that, the entire Laptop Sessions site (not to mention all my other ones) went down for three days!  We lost all of our Google rankings- it was a mess.  So, I’ve invested time and money to ensure that it doesn’t happen again, and I pray for 36 hours without my computer and a site that still works when I get back.  Cross your fingers!

Tonight is another new night, and I’m bringing you yet ANOTHER new band!  Do I ever run out of these things?

I challenge the other three guys on here to do a song from Trey Anastasio’s band “Phish”, as I’ve taken a song from his solo career after the band originally broke up.  I got into this band via a friend of mine who was a big Phish phan…I mean, fan.  The album (also called “Shine”) was new at the time and was Trey’s second solo studio album.  I instanly fell in love with it.  The songs are very accessible and they trim out the minutes upon minutes of jam-band soloing that was so popular in Phish’s work.

I’m more of the three minute song kinda guy, and the album “Shine” delivers just that: three minute pop gems from a guy with amazing guitar skills, a great hand at songwriting, and the classic too-much-drugs-over-my-career wobbly voice.  The album isn’t perfect by any means, but there are just some great songs up and down the boards that I truly enjoyed for an extended play in my car’s rotation.

My band, “Masters of the Universe” covered this song in concert and we used to kick some rear.  We had five part harmonies going on the chorus and the song really rocked.  I believe it’s on our first DVD.

I’m looking forward to my trip tomorrow.  Maybe I can do some mobile blogging on my iPhone!  Then you can experience scenic Lenox, MA, too.  Until (dreaded) Monday, have a great weekend and enjoy tonight’s acoustic cover song music video!