“Oh, George” – Foo Fighters Acoustic Cover by laptopsessions.com

By Jeff Copperthite

Can…it…be? A new Jeff Copperthite laptop sessions video?

Ok cool, I mean he’s got a lot to upload still from his files.

But wait, there’s something different.

He looks a lot older…and well, it must be his Irish blood that is causing him to age like a raisin.

But in all seriousness, yes this is a brand new video that I sat down and recorded today. It is a cover of one of my favorite bands the Foo Fighters and from their first album titled “Oh, George”. It is one of the later songs on the album. The album itself was always in my rotation in high school and it is so easy to just listen to it from start to finish.

Technical notes are as follows. I decided to try recording it on my tablet to see how the video quality is. I had to use a bit lower light than I wanted because if I had used more, the recording video would flicker. Further, once I uploaded the video, it is not a full frame video. The audio quality is solid, however. I think I will be going back to my Powershot for future recordings.

As I mentioned to Jim today, lately all I have wanted to learn as far as new songs go are Foo Fighters songs. I think I will be posting some this Fall and call it Laptopsessions.com’s Fall of Foo”. The next song will be off their 2nd album “The Colour and the Shape”
I was at Jim’s release party last night for his new CD “The Easy Ways”. It is an amazing album per Jim’s usual standard. He has managed to top himself yet again. Pick it up now – best $10 ever!

Busted strings = no video

So tonight I wanted to put up a video from Toad the Wet Sprocket. I made it 35 seconds into the song before going to the wrong chord. I then decided to strum the strings very hard and mute them.

In doing that, the G string broke.

And i’m out of replacement strings (yeah, some guitar player I am).

So naturally, I will have to delay this evenings’ video. I’ll be back tomorrow or Saturday with new strings, and the video I had planned for this evening.

Until then…

Look out above

Well, I was hoping my next post a) wouldn’t take so long, or b) would be about something else, but here goes.

Corporate bigwigs can go play in traffic.

I’m specifically talking about the hooligans at Cass County Music, who recently have filed a copyright infringement complaint about my cover of The Eagles’ song “Best of My Love” https://laptopsessions.com/best-of-my-love-eagles-cover/. If you go to Youtube and try to watch this video, you are out of luck.

However, watching it through this site still works somehow.

But anyway, seriously. Why the heck would a company not want you to watch user created covers of these songs?

What’s next? No more cover bands at lounges unless royalties are paid for each song played?

It’s pretty ridiculous. I even got a Youtube email saying that further copyright infringements may lead to account banning.

Whatever. I’ll deal. You guys that come to our site are so wonderful that I am not going to take down my 170 video catalog just because one guy in a ten gallon hat in a shack thought my cover version somehow was causing them to lose money.

Hopefully it won’t be a big deal.