“Roundabout” (Yes cover) – The Guest Sessions

Do I have a Guest Sessions cover song post for you today…

I don’t think anyone out there would’ve guessed that someone (yes a single person) could cover “Roundabout” by Yes. But, Víctor Santafé submitted his cover song version to me and I couldn’t help but be intrigued.

Now, I love this video, but I have to tell you upfront- this video is in no way “perfect”. This man is playing an extremely difficult song with a ton of very specific keyboard parts while singing (which is in a very difficult register). The magic, for me, in this video is that this man figured out all of those layered keyboard parts and managed to play the whole song and sing at the same time. The song is over 9 minutes long- how impressive is that?

Now, I know this video isn’t in the standard single-camera style I require all Laptop Sessions cover song videos to be in. But, I couldn’t help it on this one- I just was floored when I heard such a solid version of “Roundabout” played by one person that I couldn’t pass-up the opportunity to feature it on the music blog.

For fans of Yes, it’s about time we got one of their songs here on the blog, right? And for those that may not think they know this song, if you know any classic rock, you almost certainly do! Just fast-forward a couple minutes into the song and you’ll recognize it.

So, thanks to Víctor Santafé for his submission to the Guest Sessions here on The Laptop Sessions acoustic cover songs music video blog. Stay tuned for more- who knows what incredible one-man-band videos we’ll present next!